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MSI Shows Off All-in-One 'Butterfly' PC

During our visit to the MSI booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center we spied a small case of concepts among the more current devices MSI had on show. The more interesting of the bunch was a PC MSI has dubbed the Butterfly. Looking past the girly design, this is actually an all-in-one touchscreen PC with a display that slides down into a more comfortable position when you want a more hands on touch experience. The model we saw had a 7-inch tablet that acted as a companion device for the main AIO, and the PC itself had a keyboard tucked into a pocket on the back of the display.

Also on display at the MSI booth was the Angelow AIO -- which also comes with a smaller companion tablet -- and the Kid Pad, a tablet device for small children. The main attraction of the Angelow seemed to be it’s slim form-factor. The Kid Pad weighs 900g, packs a 10-inch display and eight hours of battery. It also has a carry handle up top that rotates to double as a stand.

We managed to get a couple of photos through the plastic casing but we’ve also tracked down some of MSI's own pictures because you can’t really get an accurate idea of the Butterfly’s repositionable display from the pictures we took of the device when it was inside MSI’s protective box.

*Additional images via Design Boom