MSI: Pine Trail to Launch in January

Giz reports that the MSI Wind U150 is a 10-inch, resistive touch screen 'netvertible' that will run on Windows 7. However, according to Gizmodo, aside from confirming the Wind U150, the company also confirmed an official launch for Intel's Pine Trail chipset.

MSI has said that Intel will officially launch the next iteration of its Atom processor at CES 2010. While Intel is keeping pretty quiet on a specific release date, MSI insists Pine Trail will take center stage in Las Vegas this coming January.

Check out the full story here.

  • Upendra09
    touchscreen netbook, very good idea, the mouse pad and buttins on those things can be small
  • Major7up
    Sounds promising but what about cost? I think I'd still prefer an Ion-based system.
  • zerapio
    Could this be the netbook/carputer I've been waiting for? The Nokia system from a couple days ago has me drooling too.
  • mafinphoenix
    Well, the pine trail is only 945gse integrated on one chip with atom. And everyone who had opportunity to use machines with this chipset knows how shitty they are. So i should really look somwhere else especialy Ion based and AMD Yukon and Yukon2 based systems...
  • Could be complete BS, ever hear of an NDA? I'd have to agree with mafinphoenix, as of 27August2009, Intel has never had a graphics product that was actually exciting, throwing their crap IGP into the CPU packaging instead of the northbridge is not exciting. AMD IGPs in a Yukon system, on the other hand, might actually make a computer product that doesn't need to have excuses made for it's performance.
  • amnotanoobie
    There are two positives with PineTrail (HD playback not one of them).
    1. The battery life should be a hell of a lot better.
    2. Since it is a single chip, the form factor could be smaller.

    If you're looking for raw performance, ION is the way to go.