MSI Reveals its Z87-GD65 Gaming Motherboard

MSI has been dripping plenty of teasers upon us regarding the majority of its upcoming motherboards based on the Z87 platform, but we had yet to see an official announcement. Now, MSI has officially unveiled its Z87-GD65 gaming motherboard. While the manufacturer didn't give us all the specific details that we would've been hoping for in the announcement, it did reveal a number of the motherboard's much-welcomed features.

For starters, the Z87-GD65 will feature Intel's 8-Series chipset and use a Killer E2205 NIC for networking. Supposedly, this should eliminate latency-induced errors by prioritizing gaming traffic. Other new features include the new Audio Boost technology and OC Genie 4. OC Genie 4 is an automatic overclocking tool which is supposed to make overclocking much easier and quicker.

According to the press release, the Z87-GD65 motherboard was the winner of the IC & Components category, achieving a gold award.

There was no word yet on price information or availability.

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  • vmem
    Hmm, depending on how the reviews come out etc, I might actually get this over a ROG product. looks damn nice in a windowed case
  • fatboytyler
    MSI hasn't let me down on my Z77 board, couldn't imagine this thing. But my, my.. What a beautiful board.
  • nevilence
    Sexy, that is really the only work required to describe the looks of that board, that dragon is tobuscus style "hot hot hot hot hot"