Sanely-Priced Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Coming Soon

With the introduction of the new unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro this past October, Apple also made standard its Mini DisplayPort display connector across all of their updated systems.

DisplayPort is the natural successor to DVI and HDMI technology and Apple is working hard to make sure their “Mini” standard gains industry acceptance. However, the one area where Apple is refusing to help customers is the much sought after Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector.

Apple currently sells a Mini-DP to Dual Link DVI adapter for the “bargain” price of $99.00 USD via its online store. But if you have been purchasing cables and connectors over the Internet, you would undoubtedly have heard of Monoprice. Macyourself reported that during its contact with Monoprice, a Mini-DP to HDMI adapter is already in the works and expected to ship in January 2009.

Since there is currently no other way to carry a digital signal from the new MacBooks to an HDTV except through DVI, this is leaving lots of users frustrated. Not all HDTVs are equipped with a DVI port and even if they do, you would still have to purchase a $99 adapter from Apple. The news of Monoprice carrying such an adapter is not only excellent for users but also for the frugal consumer.

Monoprice has the reputation in the home theater community for its affordable cables. For comparison, a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter that Apple sells for $19 USD ; Monoprice sells for $9.69 USD — almost a 50 percent in savings (and it’s even white to match your Apple lifestyle).

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  • Pei-chen
    I don’t get why they designed Mini DisplayPort for notebook when DisplayPort is already tiny compares with D-SUB and DVI. On cameras yet but not on notebook.
  • Shadow703793
  • nukemaster