OCZ Shows Off 2133 MHz DDR3 Memory


OCZ Technology is running a live demo of DDR3-17000 memory clocked at 2133 MHz at Computex. The memory devices are based on the company’s Flex II design, which includes a liquid cooling technology for memory modules. OCZ said that the DDR3-17000 memory is aimed at "high-end overclocked water cooled systems. "

There was no word on actual availability and pricing of these devices. However, we would expect the 2133 MHz memory to come in slightly above the $320 the Flex II PC3-16000 (2000 MHz) kits (2 x 1 GB) are currently going for. That may sound like a lot of money, but in today’s performance memory world that actually could be considered a bargain. Corsair’s PC3-16000 Dominator modules are currently selling in the $550 range (2 x 1 GB), while Crucial’s Ballistix memory (2 x 1 GB) is cruising in the $600+ segment.

  • theres no benefit to ddr3 ram til nehalem... so getting 600+ sets of ram is pointless... anyway the new memory standard kits are going to be 1 gb, 3 gb, 6gb, and 12 gb so that you can have tri channel ram instead of dual channel ddr3 which is stupid
  • nihility
    At what voltage are they running them? OCZ tends to require you to run higher voltages than other companies.
    At least that's what they did with DDR2.
  • smalltime0
    ^Thats where the motherboard incompatibility will come in, people will stick them in on a cheaper motherboard and it'll BSOD on them