OCZ Releases Vertex 450 Series SSDs

OCZ has announced a new line of SSDs, the Vertex 450 series. The aim of the vertex 450 series is to bridge the gap between the mainstream range of SSDs and the more high-end solid state drives. These drives aim to provide a good feature set, focusing on performance, quality and reliability.

The OCZ Vertex 450 SSDs will feature 20 nm NAND flash, paired with the Barefoot 3 M10 controller. This controller adds AES 256-bit encryption functionality as well as a power-optimized clock over the previous revision. The combination of these two allow the drive to pump out 540 MB/s and absorb up to 530 MB/s of data, with random write performance of up to 90,000 IOPS. The Vertex 450 SSDs will also be built on a 7 mm thick form factor.

"As one of the industry's most highly awarded SSD Series to date, the Vertex name has become synonymous with the latest and greatest in flash-based storage providing an exceptional balance of performance and cost efficiency. The Vertex 450 marks the first time this popular OCZ series utilizes in-house ASIC technology delivering an even greater level of speed, reliability and value for our customers." said Daryl Lang, Senior VP of Product Management at OCZ Technology.

The drives will hit the market in capacities ranging from 128 GB up to 512 GB, and be backed by a three year warranty. So far there has been no word on pricing or availability.

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  • ShadyHamster
    1TB drives please.
  • nevilence
    Anonymous said:
    1TB drives please.

    Expect absurd prices my friend. I just bought a 256GB drive for $220, and I thought that was brutal, would hate to see 1GB prices