Get Select Battlefield PC Games for $10 Each, Today Only

The celebrate the 10th anniversary of EA's Battlefield series, the publisher is now selling select Battlefield PC games for $10 each. The drawback is that the discount is only through EA's Origin platform, and the sale is only for today. Sorry console junkies, you're not included in the discount.

To make it easy, here's a link to each Battlefield title:

Battlefield 3 ($10)
Large-scale battles take place both in urban cityscapes and wide open terrain perfect for piloting assault vehicles. Online multi-player features as many 64 players competing for prestige, as well as a host of unlockable upgrades and achievements. Choose from one of four classes: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition ($10)
Two superpowers battle for world domination amidst a new Ice Age. The Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition download captures the gritty realism of futuristic warfare filled with destructive high-tech weaponry. This version includes the game and the Northern Strike booster pack.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam Expansion Pack ($10)
Enter the 1960s, a time of turmoil at home and abroad, with this PC download. As the United States fights its most controversial war in Vietnam, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam puts you into the heart of the conflict. Fight along treacherous winding rivers, through dense jungles and trap-infested rice fields, to the steps of ancient Vietnamese temples. Requires Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe Edition ($10)
The best-selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is now available in a special Digital Deluxe Edition exclusively for download to the PC. This Deluxe Edition includes the classic Battlefield: Bad Company 2 game and the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack. Now you can choose to fight in either the present or the past as you turn back the clock to the controversial Vietnam conflict.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ($10)
The rag-tag squad known as Bad Company is on the trail of a powerful EMP weapon that threatens the security of the United States. From Russia to the insect-infested jungles of South America, the squad will face hostile forces every step of the way in their attempt to recover the weapon before it falls into the wrong hands.

Battlefield 2: Complete Collection ($10)
The best-selling Battlefield 2 game set a new standard for first-person shooters. Now you can get the Battlefield 2: Complete Collection download for the PC, which includes all three expansion and booster packs: the Special Forces the Expansion Pack, Euro Force Booster Pack, and the Armored Fury Booster Pack.

OK EA let's get this straight: Bad Company 2 alone is $10, and the Vietnam expansion is $10. Yet the Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe offers both for $10. Yep, that makes a lot of sense. Regardless, get these shooters before EA jacks the price back up on Friday.

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  • rohitbaran
    Nice deal, but I don't play battlefield at all.
  • bavman
    Ea and origin are a terrible company combo. They have no regard for their customers. All they care about is your money. I've seen numerous people's accounts permabanned for trying to "hack" in their servers when in reality they were doing nothing wrong. There is no reasoning with them at all.
  • spartanmk2
    No thanks EA, id rather spend the $10 at my local Chipotlé on a nice steak burrito.
  • cknobman
    Too bad none of the BF3 expansion packs are on sale, I might have actually bought one.

    Oh well BF3 is not much fun most of the time anyways; so many cheaters its hard to get a fair round in.
  • >Origin
  • bigdragon
    $10 for BF3 + $50 for premium so you can actually join a server with other players on it rather than getting kicked back in every queue + $50 for shortcuts so you don't get raped by people with better weapons, vehicles, and equipment in your first game experience. Not worth it especially given that the game has been hacked to bits. On the upside, some of the hacking tools are free now!
  • uglynerdman
    i hope origin dies already im pissed i had to go to it for my bioware sequels. they never have good deals or prices. when they slash a large % off its because theyre selling a game at 80 dollars! wtf
  • bigman8291
    There is definitely alot hacking, but really, how can you complain? 10$ is definitely a good investment for BF3. I mean hell buy it on a new account made solely for that purpose then resell it to some chump for more....
  • tehTyrant
    Hacking is terrible in like any online game. Just get over it and play on a new server or wait for the person to be banned from the server.

    People talk A LOT about bad experiences with BF3 or other online games in general, maybe the experience isn't bad because of the game, but because of how you act to other people on these servers. People don't want to play with dicks and get kicked. Granted yes, there are a few bad eggs who own servers, but for the most part most of the servers are great. But I see A LOT more people who join servers to cheat/hack/troll and get kicked then go and complain somewhere on how bad such and such server is or the game itself.

    And most of the guns aren't better. A lot of players use the starter guns as their main gun. They aren't bad. It's just you. I'd say most the guns are more balanced than the guns in COD will ever be.
  • bak0n
    Last game I bought through Origin i did for the COOP mode. After I bought it I found out they didn't even support COOP on the version I purchased. The sole reason I bought it.

    That was it for me. I'm done with EA.