Gaming With Three 43'' CRVD Displays is Awesome

Unfortunately, the stunning display from Ostendo comes with the same horrendous price tag as the NEC version. However, Engadget cites Ostendo as saying the displays are actually selling quite well. Most of the units sold so far have been for defense simulation and training but we like to think there's a die-hard gamer out there somewhere with the guts (wallet-shaped guts, of course) to purchase a few of these bad boys.

Why would you want more than one? Well, imagine a 2880 x 900 resolution, a .36mm pixel pitch, and a sub-.02ms response time. Got it? Right, now multiply it by three:

If you have a spare $20,000 hanging around, this dream could become a reality.

  • lipoly
    It looks like its running at a blurry 15fps to me. Displays look neato though.
  • doomtomb
    That's ridiculous but cool. Still, I think the two monitors on the side stretch out the image so bad. It's not 100% accurate, the peripheral vision is exaggerated and they need to concentrate more on the center image because that's where you'll be looking the whole time.
  • volks1470
    Yea, gaming with three monitors is good but it just puts a damper on it when the images towards the ends are all stretched out and distorted.
  • dman3k
    So EyeFinity setup?
  • soo-nah-mee
    Thank you ATI!
  • rocky1234
    It looked fairly cool but I think they need to throw more horsepower at it it was kinda running slow so that would take so much form the whole exp.
  • Glorian
    Looks great but you still cant watch full 1080p, but cool none the less.
  • commandersozo
    Those look really awesome, to bad I'd have to sell my car.

    In other news, you seem really fond of commas Jane.
  • pharge
    I guess if the person can afford to buy these monitors... it will be a good idea to also put 1 or 2 HD5890 in the computer so he/she can have a better frame rate, screen resolution, and detail (probably even AA or...).

    hmm.... playing HWAX w/ these 3 monitors, a i-7 extreme system, and 2 HD5890... plus 7.2 surround sound.... hmm... now I know why I need to work much harder (and with some luck)..... lol
  • Gin Fushicho
    Too stretched out. It looks icky and slow.