Turn Empty Drive Bay into Locking Safe

Kleargear.com has an interesting gadget that can turn empty PC drive bays into a lockable storage compartment. There's really nothing to the setup: simply take the storage drawer set and shove in into the empty slot. The company said that its unique invention would be ideal to store items that would otherwise clutter the desk: office supplies, personal items, and even up to 24 loose CDs.

For $9.95 per set, consumers get two drawers (one with a lock) containing two horizontal dividers, two vertical dividers, and one CD post. The company also says that consumers can use the lockable drawer as a "hidden safe," featuring a lock that can stash away valuables safely. Honestly, that doesn't provide a warm and fuzzy feeling, as any non-professional thief can take a screwdriver and remove the outer frame from the chassis, and take whatever they want from the drawer.

Still, the design could keep the kids from stealing pens, and could clear up all the other junk collecting dust on the desk. The PC could probably be considered the last place to look for valuables anyway, so installing this set of drawers may provide a nifty hiding place. Got a ton of USB drives hanging around the house? Throw them in the drawer. Need a place to toss USB cables or possibly a spare mouse? Throw it in the drawer.

For more information and how to acquire this set, head over to Kleargear.com

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  • spanspace
    Good idea. But you'd have to be an idiot to put valuables in it.
  • I can see it now, some ID10T is going to lock up his post-it of passwords and then lose the key.
  • Gin Fushicho
    But what about people who have Cases that have closing panels on the front? They wont close all the way anymore.

    not only that but you would be an idiot ot put anything metal , or moist in there.