Get Far Cry 3 Free with Samsung 840-Series 250GB SSD

Samsung Electronics America said on Monday that for a limited time, the 250 GB version of its 840 SSD will come packed with a discounted price and a free copy of Ubisoft's upcoming shooter, Far Cry 3 (download code). The offer starts this Thanksgiving (Thursday) and will end on Cyber Monday, November 26, while supplies last.

"This limited time Black Friday offer allows consumers to dramatically increase their PC’s performance at an unbeatable price," said Mike Abary, Senior Vice President, Consumer Business Division IT Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. "Combined with the free download of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, there’s no better, more affordable way to experience the unbelievable speed, energy efficiency and durability of solid-state storage."

This 2.5-inch SSD measures just 7-mm thin and features economical triple-level cell (TLC) Toggle DDR2 flash memory and a triple-core MDX controller. Sequential read speeds are up to 530 MB/s and sequential write speeds are up to 240 MB/s via a SATA 3 connector (6 Gb/s). It also has a random read speed of up to 95,000 IOPS, a random write speed of up to 44,000 IOPS, a power consumption of 15W and a three-year warranty.

"The new drives’ proprietary controllers and firmware, along with their leading-edge NAND flash memory technology, deliver exceptional performance and value, as well as unrivaled energy efficiency," the company said. "Samsung, unique among SSD manufacturers, engineers all of its components in-house. This allows it to meticulously fine-tune its hardware and software for enhanced reliability. In addition, Samsung’s newly redesigned Magician 4.0 diagnostics and management software keeps the drives running at their peak."

Samsung SSD 840 drives, sold in 120 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB capacities, are available at major retail and online outlets. There are also versions of each with upgrade kits including mounting brackets, USB cable and SATA cable. However the 250 GB version without the upgrade kit will be the only discounted SSD with Far Cray 3, selling for $169.99 USD.

"Fans of Far Cry 3 will be rewarded," said Geoffroy Sardin, chief EMEA sales and marketing officer at Ubisoft. "The added performance of Samsung’s new SSD 840 drives will allow gamers to make full use of the game’s open ‘sandbox’ environment, which allows unprecedented long-range gameplay and full tactical freedom in a world of beautifully realistic settings."

Far Cry 3 launches in the United States on December 4, 2012. The shooter arrives first in Europe and Australia on November 29, followed by a UK release on November 30.

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  • vaughn2k
    I would love to purchase 4 of it. Sad that it is not available in our country...
  • velocityg4
    15 watts is pretty darn hefty for an SSD.
  • joytech22
    a power consumption of 15W

    That's almost as much as a HDD during spinup!
    I'm certain he meant 1.5W lol.

    Anyways.. This is a freakin' good deal.
  • slabbo
    where can u buy this???
  • I wish they would extend this offer to the 840 Pro. That sure would make the extra cost of the Pro more attractive and I sure have been wanting to upgrade my old 120GB Vertex 2 lately.
  • slabbo
    it's actually 0.15W LOL
  • Personally, I like Samsung SSDs however, still think TLC flash based SSDs are still on the "bleeding edge" as there is currently not yet enough information to gauge their long term reliability. If they were to package Far Cry 3 with their 840 Pro (MLC based) series SSDs I'd consider it.
  • I got Assassins Creed 3 free w/ the 128gb 840 pro
  • jurisc
    Solid State Won't Improve All Gameplay
  • abbadon_34
    nice move since it costs them nothing. just make a few more digital copies like everyone else does, only they claim hero status or it. why don't they just don't $1,000,000,000,000 virtual coins/point/etc. each year to wipe out their tax burn. you know that's where this is going, and the reason to monitize virtual money