MSI Reveals Voice-Activated Motherboards at IDF

Theo Valich over at the Bright Side of News reports that MSI showcased select motherboards at the Intel Developer Forum which featured a unique add-on PCIe x1 card enabling voice control.

According to the report, the add-on card contains mic/line input jacks and connects to a header labeled "JDLED3" that's already available on some MSI motherboards on the market. The add-on is also driven by the company's Voice Genie software which tracks voice patterns so that users can perform basic control functions.

"For instance, to turn the computer on, user needs to say 'MSI Big Bang Power On,' and to shut it down the user only needs to say 'Power Off MSI Big Bang' (in case of MSI's Big Bang motherboard)," Theo reports. "You can also 'Open Control Panel,' 'Open Browser' and customize the commands. For instance, you can start the computer with a customized theme such as 'Open thyself Sesame' or 'Warp One Engage,' but bear in mind that shutting the computer down will require a reverse order of words (hence the MSI Big Bang Power On - Power Off MSI Big bang)."

Other than what was seen at the show, MSI has remained tight-lipped on the board, and there's no known release date at this time. Still, the company promises that the accessory will be available at a "more than affordable" price whenever it decides to appear on the market.

  • rantoc
    Cool idea, hope they patented it or some other patent troll company will and sue em claiming it was their "innovation"
  • utengineer
    "Computa, initiate auto-destruct sequence..."
  • Onus
    And does the motherboard respond?
    "By your command."
  • lp231
    Not interested if I have to say a full sentence just to turn on/off my computer.
    Windows Vista/7 already has speech function where you can do basic commands like open media player, click start and so forth.
  • RipperjackAU
    Oh YAY!!... a new way to troll.
  • Rizlla
    Voice activated things never work that great. You always have to say the commend over and over. This is not a feature I would use.
  • cookoy
    wait till it learn more phrases like 'overclock', 'shut off cpu fan', 'format hard drives' and things will get pretty interesting
  • murdoc
    You mean I get to say a long phrase to power the computer now instead of an instant push of the power button? Awesome!
  • @jtt283

    no the correct response for a motherboard would be
    "im afraid i cant do that Dave"
  • d0gr0ck
    Hello Computer