Samsung Launches its First Consumer Multi-Touch Display

Samsung Electronics launched on Thursday two new consumer monitors, one of which is the company's first consumer-based multi-touch solution, the 24 inch Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor. The other model, the Series 7 SC750 monitor, features an ergonomic, rotating display and is offered in two sizes, 24 inch and 27 inch. Pricing starts at $249 USD.

According to Samsung, the Series 7 SC770 supports ten simultaneous touch inputs, perfect for dragging, rotating and selecting objects on the monitor. It also features the company's Anti-Finger Film technology which provides maximized control and performance speeds. Users can rapidly drag and drop images, quickly select content and more without having to worry about the monitor getting confused from accidental touches with other fingers.

"Thanks to Samsung’s Sliding-Tilt function with hinge technology, the SC770 smoothly and conveniently adjusts to a 55-degree tilt, creating better viewing angles and enhanced touch usage. Better viewing angles result in a premium entertainment experience, even for large groups. The ability to tilt the screen minimizes the potential for bad posture and wrist strain, ideal for users who spend long hours at a computer."

Other features include a USB port for connecting a mobile device, a narrow bezel with ultra slim depth, a clean back and a premium metallic stand. Additional hardware specs consist of a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 5ms response time, a brightness of 250 cd/m2, two HDMI input ports, two 3w speakers, and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1.

The Series 7 SC770 Touch Monitor is available now for $599.99.

Samsung was less descriptive about its new Series 7 SC750 models. These sport a slim, ergonomic design that is capable of a 90-degree pivot, allowing the display to be positioned in both landscape and portrait modes, excellent for multi-monitor layouts using AMD's Eyefinity tech.

"The monitor’s stand precisely positions the screen at a comfortable eye-level without the need for a support fixture, offering users an ideal viewing experience right out of the box," the company said. "The SC750’s sleek, cylinder-shaped metal stand accentuates the beauty of the slim monitor whether in landscape or portrait mode. Adding to the striking and convenient design, cords can easily be tucked away into the monitor’s neck, eliminating desktop clutter."

According to the specs, both monitors are identical save for their screen sizes – 24 inch and 27 inch – and their brightness level: 250 cd/m2 and 300 cd/m2 respectively. Like the former Series 7 SC770, these latter two feature a 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 5ms response time, two HDMI input ports, and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. However they don't have speakers nor do they have touch capability.

The Series 7 SC750 is available now for $249 (24 inch) and $379 (27 inch).

  • DRosencraft
    One of the better looking touchscreens of its size for the SC770, but I'd prefer it to be VESA mountable, which this doesn't appear to be, and for the price to be down a good bit. Nothing much to say about the other ones. Specs wise they're not much to talk about - so many more in that match it.
  • soldier44
    Forget the touch Win 8 related displays and make an affordable 4K 30 inch+ PC display Sammy. Affordable being under $1500.
  • zander1983
    Hope they don't stick to 1080p...
  • DarkSable
    ...dang. Usually samsung has more sense than to make something as silly as this.

    Desktop users, aside from a few very niche markets, aren't going to want a touch screen... and most of those niche users are going to want an all-in-one.
  • whiteodian
    It is a pet peeve of mine when people point to things on monitors and feel the need to actually touch the screen leaving their greasy finger prints. I guess these monitors would be covered in smudges.