Sharkoon Takes Its Gaming Line-up to Computex

Despite E3 taking place in Los Angeles this week, it wasn't the only conference attracting companies eager to show off their gaming wares. Around the world at Computex Taipei, Sharkoon had a spot on the show floor and was happily showing off its line of gaming peripherals. First unveiled at CeBit, which took place this past March in Germany, Sharkoon's gaming line of peripherals covers gaming mice, headphones, and keyboards. 

First up is the XTatic Air, a wireless gaming headset with an operating range of up to 10 meters and an operating time of 10 hours. It boasts two separate line-in (RCA) with source selector, as well as auto sleep and wake up function, a mic, integrated USB port for charging your PS3 gamepad, and support for Xbox Live and PS3 chat functions. It's compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and TVs and should be available in July for $199.


Second is the Xtatic Pro, which costs $159 and will be available this month. This headset is of the wired variety, which is explains its cheaper price tag, and comes with support for Xbox 360, PS3, TV, MP3 and PC. This 5.1 channel headset also packs 8 speakers in each earpiece, independent volume control for each channel as well as master volume, a detachable microphone, and in-line volume controller.

Sharkoon had two mice on show at its booth, too. The first was the DarkGlider. Based on an Avago ADNS-9500 laser sensor, it's got 10 programmable buttons, a programmable four-way scroll wheel, five lenticular ceramic slide pads, an LCD to display DPI (up to 6,000 DPI), 256 KB of memory for storing profiles, and ceramic/Teflon mouse feet. The Drakonia mouse is similar to the DarkGlider but is based on the Avago 9500 sensor with a max of 5000 DPI, and packs 11 programmable buttons. We weren't offered details on the availability of either of these.


Last but not least is Sharkoon's gaming keyboard, the Skiller. The Skiller sports fully programmable keys, 20 dedicated multimedia keys, eight swappable gaming keys, and 10 different profiles with three layers each. Again, pricing and release dates for this one weren't provided but we'll keep you posted.

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  • Cy-Kill
    I have to admit, I've never heard of this company before today.

    Looks like some nice products, but how do they stand up againt Razer, Steel Series, et al?
  • KelvinTy
    So... Not going with a cheaper wireless headset? I am not sure most people would invest so much on a nearly "unheard" brand... Most people don't even recognize this brand...
    And their old mouse kind of sucks...
  • Sakkura
    Cy-KillI have to admit, I've never heard of this company before today.Looks like some nice products, but how do they stand up againt Razer, Steel Series, et al?They're perhaps best known for their computer cases, especially at the lower end. That doesn't fill me with confidence regarding more complicated products like these though. Especially when it comes to headsets, I want to go with a brand known for quality. Saving a few bucks is not worth it when you end up with cramped muffs pinching your ears or tinny sound, not to mention loose wires. I've experienced such problems numerous times with these gamer-oriented companies, and now I'll probably never buy a non-Sennheiser headset again.