SilverStone Releases Slim Slot-Loading Blu-ray Burner For Mini-ITX Enclosures

Silverstone has released a slot-loading Blu-ray drive that is meant to compliment its Mini-ITX enclosures (Milo ML02B, Sugo SG05, SG06, SG07, SG08, SG09, Fortress FT03, and the FT03-Mini). In essence, there is nothing vastly different about the drive, except that so far we've come across few, if any, slot-loading Blu-Ray burners in a slim form factor.

The SOB02 has maximum write speeds of up to 24x on CD-Rs, 8x on DVD+RWs, and 6x on Single or Dual Layer BD-R discs. Read speeds are at 24x, 8x, and 6x for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, respectively. The device also has a SATA interface at 150 Mb/s.

Included with the SOB02 is a 90 degree angled slim-SATA connector, which has a slim SATA plug on one end and a standard size SATA and SATA-power plug on the other end.

The SOB02 is already available in shops for prices of just over $160.

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  • AzureFlash
    Very cool. Pricing is on par with the Sony Optiarc I bought (even a bit cheaper I think, mine was 190$), and I bet it would fit snugly in their own Sugo SG08, whereas the Optiarc leaves some gaps around the slot that I would've had to fill if I hadn't been a bit lazy about my build.
  • AzureFlash
    [Comment continued, there was an error posting the whole thing] -- I can attest to the fact that slim, slot-loading blu-ray burners are extremely hard to find... moreover to use the Optiarc I had to use an adapter (mini-SATA to floppy-style power adapter) which ended up being a cable management pain in the neck (brings the power connector assembly dangerously close to making the 180mm fan not fit!)
  • AzureFlash
    [Final part] -- On the other hand... I have to admit that optical media is less and less needed. I got it in case any relatives of mine would need some burning or ripping done, but so far I have not used my burner once. My advice to Mini-ITX builders out there, if you think you might need an optical drive... no, you won't. Spend that cash on a better GPU. Only get one if you KNOW you'll need one on an at least weekly basis. Installing Windows (or anything else based on optical media) can be done from USB or virtual CD on any decent, modern machine.