TSA: We Don't Need to See Your Netbooks, Tablets

Blogger Bob over on the TSA blog said they'd been getting a lot of questions regarding traveling with ereaders, tablets and netbooks. Specifically, people were wondering if they had to remove these items from their cases, like you're required to do when traveling with a laptop. Earlier this week, one analyst traveling with an iPad was told by the TSA that she didn't have to take her iPad out and put it in a separate bin. She said TSA had told her this was because "it doesn't have a CPU or a hard drive." A lot of people were surprised and wondered if this was actually the case.

Blogger Bob clears things up:

"Great question! Electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop should not need to be removed from your bag or their cases. It’s that simple.Only electronics the size of a standard laptop or larger (for example Playstation®, Xbox™, or Nintendo®), full-size DVD players, and video cameras that use video cassettes must be removed from their carrying cases and submitted separately for x-ray screening. Removing larger electronics helps us get a better look at them and also allows us to get a better look at the contents of your bag. If you you have a TSA "checkpoint friendly" laptop bag, you can leave your laptop in.)"

Bob goes on to say that if the TSA officials see anything out of the ordinary, they might still need to have a closer look. However, for the most part, those of you traveling with netbooks, iPads, HP Slates, and Kindles should be just fine.

Read the full post here.

  • smacks forehead
    No CPU? What does it run on, magic?
  • Humans think
    smacks foreheadNo CPU? What does it run on, magic?Even TSA knows that it is not a real CPU :P
  • Camikazi
    smacks foreheadNo CPU? What does it run on, magic?Magic Faerie Dust!
  • JMcEntegart
    smacks foreheadNo CPU? What does it run on, magic?
    Blood of the innocent.
  • nforce4max
    Sure just pass it through one of those scanners.

    Down with the TSA porn machines aka body scanners.
  • B-Unit
    smacks foreheadNo CPU? What does it run on, magic?Freshly harvested livers...

  • warmon6
    smacks foreheadNo CPU? What does it run on, magic?
    the "force". Now if we could only use Jedi mind tricks on apple to lower there prices. :p :lol: jk
  • calmstateofmind
    Hmmm, I wonder what that A4 thingy is then...
  • tsnorquist
    I was under the impression it was powered by Apple juice.
  • Tedders
    So my netbook isn't dangerous, but my laptop could be. K...??