Chinese Firm Launches 32-inch QD Mini-LED Monitor at Sub $375 Price

Titanium M32AQH-STA mini LED monitor
(Image credit: Titanium)

Is mini-LED technology about to become more accessible and affordable? It certainly looks like we might see some serious price drops for screens packing this technology if a new monitor launched in China provides any indication. Titanium just launched the 32-inch M32AQH-STA in China, and it offers some great QD mini-LED backed specs for a local price which is equivalent to under $375.

Titanium M32AQH-STA mini LED monitor

(Image credit: Titanium)

At the time of writing, the Titanium M32AQH-STA's pre-sale price is 2599 Chinese Yuan, equivalent to just under $375. We aren't sure if Titanium's price already includes consumption tax (up to 13% in China). However, we are confident that this monitor packs excellent specs for the price.

Mini-LED monitors are sought after for offering the best of both worlds from IPS and OLED technologies. They are based on IPS panel technology, and in this case, with the added color vibrancy provided by quantum dots, and can deliver good 'true black' performance due to their mini-LED backlighting. In brief, numerous local dimming zones (turning off the backlight entirely in designated screen areas) helps screens deliver great contrast. This M32AQH-STA has 576 dimming zones.

(Image credit: Titanium)

There is currently just one mini-LED monitor in our best computer monitors of 2023 feature, the Asus ProArt PA32UCG. This is also a 32-inch mini-LED monitor, but it has a 4K screen and is well regarded for its phenomenal color accuracy, Dolby Vision support, 1,600 nits max brightness, and 1,152 dimming zones. It also costs about $3,500 in the US.

So, what does the Chinese Titanium M32AQH-STA offer in the way of specs? To highlight its specifications and features, we have constructed the table below.

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Titanium M32AQH-STA

Screen size, type

32-inch QD-IPS panel with wide viewing angles
Mini -LED backlight576 dimming zones

Color gamut

99% DKCI-P3, 10-bit color


800 nits SDR / 1400 nits HDR


165 Hz refresh with adaptive sync, 4ms g2g response


DP 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0, USB Type-C 15W, USB Type-A 2.0, audio


PiP and PbP modes, low blue light, Fully adjustable stand with pivot, 75x75 VESA mounting option

The big question about the Titanium M32AQH-STA regards its quality. Its specifications look highly enticing for a sub-$400 product, but we will have to wait for some expert third-party reviews (or to get our hands on one) to pass proper judgment and discover the ground truth.

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  • JohnBonhamsGhost
    Admin said:
    32-inch QD mini-LED monitor
    specs for the price could offer an awesome new option.
    but at that price is it just built with garbage components?

    would love to see one of these after ~a year of daily use.
  • Amdlova
    10bit panel? We have a new editor monitor. And only 375us unbelievable