TV Company Vizio Jumps into PC Market with Both Feet

Vizio is a brand we're used to seeing in the living room. However, Bloomberg last week made waves when it reported that this TV company was planning on entering the PC market. Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae told the publication in an interview that his company was working on two desktop PCs and three notebooks, and that these five machines would be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, McRae is a man of his word, because with just 24 hours before CES officially opens, Vizio has uncovered its first foray into the world of computing. The company didn't provide much in the way of specs (we expect those will come a little bit later), but we do know that these 24- and 27-inch all-in-one PCs, 14- and 15.6-inch lightweight laptops, and 15.6-inch notebook will launch in the spring of 2012. Vizio has teamed up with Microsoft to provide a clean system image optimized by Redmond, and all of the machines will run Windows 7. Vizio says this line of PCs is an expansion of the Vizio Internet Apps (V.I.A.) Ecosystem and, as such, is based around entertainment.

"PCs are often associated with productivity and the workplace, routinely lacking the excitement that would be expected with what and how consumers want to use their PCs today – as an extension of their entertainment experience," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer. "Vizio wanted to change that. Our new line of Vizio PCs are truly high quality and consumer focused, delivering enhanced multimedia capabilities while upholding our high standards of performance, style and design."

Stay tuned for more specs -- we'll provide an update as soon as they become available. For now, check out this video from Vizio CTO Matt McRae; Microsoft's Nick Parker, VP of OEM Worldwide Marketing; and Scott McManigal, Senior Director of Design at Vizio.

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  • nurgletheunclean
    eh. What's Vizio going to actually change? PC are commodities. It's going to have intel/amd cpu intel/amd/nvidia GPU, ram, disk, etc. Small cosmetic changes to the keyboard and case, some Vizio branded bloatware. Same product different name. My question is with margins so tight on PCs why would they even want to enter that market in the first place?
  • Kamab
    All-in-one pc plus emphasis on style. Besides having their own OS, this is what Apple does very successfully.
  • nikorr
    Competition is the coolest think! Love it! Bring it on...