Vizio Refreshing PC, Laptops Lineup

Vizio will be refreshing its PC lineup, which includes its laptops slate with touchscreen hardware, as well as Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8.

The company's new PC products will include one legacy product in the form of a 15-inch notebook, while the rest of its hardware receives a refresh. Vizio's all-in-one desktops and laptops will now boast touchscreens and quad-core processors.

Certain models will sport AMD's A10 chip, with others being powered by Intel's i7 CPU. Vizio's laptop slate, which includes 14 and 15-inch models, will retain its metallic design from the "Thin + Light" trademark. They'll boast AMD and Intel chips.

Elsewhere, its 24-inch desktops will now offer touchscreens and ship with AMD and Intel chips. The 27-inch desktop in particular will be available running on an Intel processor.

Each of the aforementioned PCs will boast 1080p displays, bar the 14-inch laptop; it'll feature a 1600 x 900 resolution. Vizio will officially reveal the refreshed slate during CES this week.

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  • mikenygmail
    "models will sport AMD's A10 chip"

    Excellent! :)
  • tipoo
    Most important is whether they fixed the keyboard, trackpads, and battery life. The design is great, but those things needed much improvement last time around.
  • falchard
    Guys, an OEM has a brain. Finally. Now lets hope they opt for a SoC APU and put gddr5 on the board.