WD's Massive 14TB External Hard Drive Is $110 Off

WD Easystore 14TB

(Image credit: WD)

Go big or go home. Alternatively, go absolutely massive and grab this epic WD Easystore 14TB external USB 3.0 hard drive for just $199.99 from Best Buy. That's $110 off it's normal price, making it one of the best tech deals in storage right now. 

In this age of 4K video, there's almost no limit to how much storage you can use, but 14TB will keep most of us going for a while. Technical details on the WD Easystore 14TB are a little thin on the manufacturer's website. But you'll find one of WD's 3.5-inch Helium drives inside, reportedly running at 5,400 RPM and capable of sequential read and write speeds of a little under 200 MBps.

WD 14TB external hard drive: was $310, now $200 @ Best Buy

WD 14TB external hard drive: was $310, now $200 @ Best Buy
With a crazy amount of storage for a relatively small amount of money, the WD Easystore 14TB comes NTFS-formatted and ready to go. USB 3.0 interface and dedicated power supply are the norm for this type of drive. Performance will be unspectacular compared to an external SSD, but this thing is all about space.

Random access performance will be in the single-digit MBps at best, as it is for pretty much all mechanical hard drives, and there's a great difference in the performance of a hard drive versus an SSD . But a 14TB  external SSD would be megabucks, especially if you're looking for one of the best portable SSDs.

The WD Easystore 14TB hooks up via a standard USB 3.0 Type-A interface. It's worth noting that like most, if not all, external storage based on 3.5-inch mechanical drives, a dedicated power adapter (supplied) is required. In other words, you need to plug it into the wall, not just a USB port. That limits its portability appeal, even if that's expected for a this type of device. 

WD claims the included WD Discovery software makes it easy to back up your photos, videos and documents. You can also use it to manage your drive settings, like reformatting and LED control.

For the record, you can also add two years of Best Buy's Geek Squad replacement cover for $19.99. The drive comes with its own two-year warranty, but the Geek Squad cover is a pretty cost effective way of ensuring you get a speedy replacement in the event of hardware failure.

  • ThatMouse
    Sold out.
  • naterhit
    Because it was a 1 day sale price only.
    Glad I ordered 8 while I could. Tracking numbers shows the 8 will be delivered tomorrow.

    For what it's worth, these are based on the Ultrastar HC530 enterprise drives which is awesome since it is not SMR. These are actually CMR ( PMR ) drives. They do not support TLER ( not truly needed for ZFS anyway so who cares ) and carry a 2 year warranty vs the 5 year retail in addition to no SED and the 5400rpm firmware.

    Additionally, these were actually purchased yesterday at $179 each, not $199. This 112TB will give me just a little extra breathing room for Plex
  • popatim
    Well this sucks; it was at the sale price this morning but now that I'm ready to order it's back to $310.