Origin PC Now Offering Touch-Enabled Win 8 PCs

Origin PC said on Friday that it is now shipping touch-enabled laptops and desktops with Windows 8 including the EON15-S and EON17-S gaming laptops, and the Genesis Pro and Chronos Pro professional desktops.

"What I love about Windows 8 is its insanely fast boot up and its intuitive new start menu that allows instant access to everything you need, including all of your favorite PC games and apps." said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO/Co-Founder of Origin PC.

According to the company, the custom-built EON17-SLX laptop will feature a built-in multi-touch trackpad. The other Windows 8 systems will support 3rd-party Microsoft-certified touchscreen monitors and multi-touch peripherals like Logitech's awesome Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650.

"All Origin PC systems can now be fully equipped with Microsoft's latest operating system and we are extremely excited to be one of the first to start shipping systems with Windows 8 to our customers," Wasielewski added.

Origin PC offers twelve different Windows 8-ready models spanning gaming and professional desktops and laptops. Gaming desktops include the Genesis, Millennium and Chronos models, and the EON11-S, EON15-S and EON17-S models are the company's gaming laptops. For professionals, the company offers the Genesis Pro, Millennium Pro and Chronos Pro desktops, and the EON11-S Pro, EON15-S Pro and EON17-S Pro laptops.

Origin PC said it will continue to offer and ship orders with Windows 7 post-launch to provide a robust custom experience for all customers. Below is a list of starting prices and links to get you started.

Gaming Desktops
Genesis – $1,719
Millennium – $1,220
Chronos – $1,186

Gaming Laptops
EON11-S – $955
EON15-S – $1,467
EON17-S – $1,545

Professional Desktops
Genesis Pro – $2,037
Millennium Pro – $1,357
Chronos Pro – $1,254

Professional Laptops
EON11-S Pro – $983
EON15-S Pro – $1,511
EON17-S Pro – $1,596

– $1,858Chronos with Logitech Wireless Trackpad
– $1,186

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  • amuffin
    OK..........Super pricey!
  • sync_nine
    Where are the specs for those PCs?
  • memadmax
    At least they will run win7 ^.^
  • My PC is touch enabled. Im touching it right now :p
  • hrhuffnpuff
    amuffinOK..........Super pricey!
    Hardly super pricey, since there top of the line PC is about 15 grand with a Danger Den double wide tower AND an Xbox 360 in the mix.
  • what the hell. look at those price? am I still at 1998?
  • echondo
    Hey everyone who doesn't know who Origin PC is, they are a company that has pre-built GAMING computers and laptops.

    Why don't you guys actually go to the website before claiming that everything is expensive? Go to the website and look at the specs? Hell, Mr. Parish even linked you guys to the each different categories available.
  • killerclick
    Touch on desktop is just a gimmick and a fad, like they tried to bring 3D back a few years ago. Some things just don't work right, so just give it up. No one will be touching their desktop display. Touchscreen laptops? Sure, that can work...
  • SmaugTD
    big money!
  • victorious 3930k