Windows Store Surpasses 13,000 Apps Already

The Next Web reports that as of early Wednesday morning, Microsoft's Windows Store contained 12,895 applications. That's roughly 2,895 additional applications that have been added since the Windows 8 storefront reached its 10,000 app mark just eight days prior. Break that down to a daily total, and an average of 362 apps have been added roughly every 24 hours.

WinAppUpdate, which has been keeping track of the tally, said that the daily numbers are actually down. Since the day before Windows 8 officially hit the market (October 26), Microsoft was adding around 500 apps per day – that's how Windows Store zoomed past the 10,000 mark so quickly once it went public.

At the current growth rate, the Windows Store will likely scoot past the 20,000 mark by the end of November or early December. Then again, Microsoft may suddenly push to stock up even more paid apps before the holiday season kicks in, hoping to cash in on the Christmas cheer as consumers receive their bonuses, year-end tips and early gift cards.

But as WinAppupdate points out, there's a lot of "junk" piling up in the Windows Store, similar to the littering problem facing Google Play and what flooded Apple's App Store in the early days. "A ton of the apps that have come into the Windows Store over the last week are just promiscuous apps," the site writes. "I’m not seeing stellar apps that are platform exclusives, and more importantly, I’m seeing a dearth of, well, productivity apps."

What Microsoft needs is developers that will take a chance with both Windows 8 and Windows RT – to take advantage of their unique environments and the overall four-screen experience. Right now developers are seemingly testing the waters, getting familiar with the territory, and many may even be waiting for the Windows 8 consumer base to grow before jumping into the development pool with everything they've got. Some of the more popular desktop apps revised for the Modern UI interface -- including a few of Microsoft's own tools -- feel half-based as it is.

As The Next Web states, Microsoft needs to use its resources to make sure that the Windows Store is not only full, but "full of the right stuff" and not stocked full of thrown-together apps just for the sake of a large, impressive app count. Even more, what the store really needs is a Modern UI version of Halo 4 for PC which, unfortunately, won't happen anytime in the immediate future. Boo hiss.

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  • kracker
    Not really sure what to think about this...
  • joytech22
    I wonder how many are actually useful at all to anyone. Maybe a tenth?
    Either way, here's hoping to the success of the Windows Store for competitions sake!
  • killerclick
    It won't help them. Windows 8 and WP8 are DOA
  • lpedraja2002
    Thing is that most of those apps are from the Windows Phone marketplace, I still haven't seen useful apps that fully integrate into the Metro Interface without resorting to the Desktop ion some way or the other.
  • joytech22
    killerclickIt won't help them. Windows 8 and WP8 are DOAWindows 8, maybe.. Windows Phone 8 is pretty good and I just can't stress that enough.
    I'm a fandroid by default but I'm getting a Lumia 920.
  • alidan
    killerclickIt won't help them. Windows 8 and WP8 are DOA
    on the desktop, hell yea
    on a notebook... not so much
    notebook with a touch screen, pretty good
    notebook that transforms into a tablet hell yea, perfect
    on a tablet - arm - not so good, better options, but not a horrifically bad thing
    on a tablet - intel - its a laptop without a built in keyboard
  • dimar
    They should've concentrated on Windows Store based on desktop. None of the people I installed Windows 8 for wanted metro thingy. Everybody wanted Classic Shell, to bypass metro.
  • CaedenV
    ya, I think MS is not going to get a whole lot of heavy hitting apps in place.
    1) apps have a bad name for being 'cheap', and big companies do not want that
    2) ... there is a freaking desktop which works perfectly fine with legacy code! Why reinvent the wheel!?!?!?
    3) productivity apps typically need to have heavy multitasking functionality, being able to have 2 apps up at once, with a divider that only fits in one set portion of the screen, does not cut it. Productivity apps are what is needed if apps are to take off.
    4) limiting RT to apps is going to hurt the sales of RT devices, it is not going to do much to encourage RT growth.

    All that said, there are a few apps I enjoy using/playing on a regular basis. But really it is only a few, all of which happen to be free apps.
  • diddo
    OK, now how many of them are not random farther apps?
  • It is no point to brag about the number of apps in Windows Store now. I have a W8 tablet and I have checked the apps in them, even the popular apps now are mostly "website" apps (such as Toms Hardware), or light weight apps that appear everywhere such as EverNote. Not even Angry Birds have been ported to W8 yet. As of now, interesting apps are extremely rare.

    To be fair, this is to be expected for an app store that has not even go live for more than a month. But the urge to keep claiming the store has lots of apps while in actuality it has only filler apps is counter-productive. Give it 6 months, then look at how many actual "must-have" apps it has.