Acer Releases Color-Accurate 4K Graphics Pro Display

Acer revealed a new display meant for graphics engineers seeking the highest color accuracy.

The new Acer ProDesigner PE320QK is a 31.5” 3840 x 2160 LED-backlit display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. It features a 350 nit brightness and a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio. In addition to a 178-degree viewing angle, the IPS panel is capable of 130% of the sRGB color gamut, as well as 95% of the DCI-P3 standard. The PE320QK sports a Delta E<1 color accuracy, the smallest color difference the human eye can see.

The PE320QK features an adjustable stand (height, tilt, swivel) and comes with a three-sided shading hood to reduce glare and provide privacy. The display also sports two 2W speakers and can be connected to your devices with an HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and USB Type-C interface. There’s also four USB 3.0 ports (one with data capabilities) to connect a variety of devices (Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Intel NUC), and the PE320QK can be attached to VESA mounts.

 The new Acer ProDesigner PE320QK will be available from Newegg this month with an MSRP of $1,200.


Acer ProDesigner PE320QK


31.5” 3840 x 2160 IPS

Refresh Rate


Response Time


Viewing Angle



350 nit

Color Support

- 1.07 Billion Colors

- 130% sRGB

- 95% DCI-P3

Contrast Ratio



2W Speakers x2

Display Input

- HDMI 2.0 x2

- DisplayPort 1.2

- USB 3.1 Type-C


USB 3.0 x4

Included Cables

- Power Cord

- HDMI Cable

- DisplayPort Cable

- USB Type-C Cable



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  • derekullo
    According to a Monitor How-To 4 years ago;

    "Delta E is a value that expresses the amount of error for a particular color; in this case, white. We believe three is the point where these errors are visible",3615-8.html

    Is delta 1 or delta 3 the smallest color difference the human eye can see / errors are visible?

    I assume the smallest color difference the human eye can see and errors becoming visible mean the same thing?
  • BryanFRitt
    "130% of the sRGB color gamut"
    Trying to get credit for coloring outside the lines?

    Measuring covered area this way, you can get 100%+ of a triangle's area, even without a single point inside the triangle.

    If you count only what's inside of an area there's a maximum of 100%.
    e.g. "Cover's 100% of the inside of the sRGB color gamut area."
  • photonboy
    Color "accuracy" is only part of the picture. Dynamic Contrast is fairly USELESS as a metric... the NATIVE contrast is more important, and if it's only 1000:1 it's just so-so.

    I see no mention of HDR. For an expensive monitor I'd wish it to not only have good accuracy but also HDR and a NC of at least 3000:1 (which I doubt it has if it's IPS. You need VA, OLED, or QDot for that).