Adata Releases Flowery RAM, SSDs for 21st Birthday

Ace DDR5-6400 & Legend 850 Limited Edition
Ace DDR5-6400 & Legend 850 Limited Edition (Image credit: Adata)

Adata just turned 21 today, and the company has started the celebrations with an online event where users can play games, win prizes, and see a virtual showcase of Adata's new products.

Adata has created the Meraverse, a virtual universe with mini-games that offer prizes, including XPG Xenia gaming laptops, storage devices, Amazon gift cards, and other goodies. The company will also be hosting a unique Adata & XPG product showcase on an unspecified date in the summer to launch the Ace series of DDR5 memory and the renovated Legend series of PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

Adata's current DDR5 offerings include plain DDR5 memory modules and the XPG Lancer series for enthusiasts. According to the press release, the Ace series will be the flagship DDR5 lineup that offers low latency memory kits for creators and overclockers. Sadly, Adata didn't reveal any specifications. The manufacturer launched the Legend 840 PCIe 4.0 SSD on the storage side not long ago. However, Adata will upgrade the SSD to deliver higher sequential performance, up to 7,400 MBps reads and 5,000 MBps writes in the shape of the Legend 960 and Legend 850. Of course, Adata didn't mention if it'll swap the SSD controller or NAND chips to improve the performance.

To commemorate the company's 21st birthday, Adata will release the Ace DDR5-6400 Limited Edition and Legend 850 Limited Edition. The renders show the former in a 16GB x 2 configuration and the latter with a 512GB capacity. It's unknown if Adata will commercialize other variants.

The Ace DDR5-6400 Limited Edition and Legend 850 Limited Edition feature a unique flower design from established German designer Mister Fred. It's a nice departure from the typical RGB gaudiness that has flooded the hardware market. Sadly, the artwork may go to waste since it wouldn't be easily visible on the memory modules once they're installed. However, Adata may get away with it on the SSD drive if the consumer doesn't or chooses not to use an M.2 SSD heatsink over the floral design.

Both products are limited edition, and Adata will only produce 500 units of each. The company didn't indicate when the products will be available or how much they'll cost.

Zhiye Liu
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