Grab This AMD Dual-Core AM4 APU for Just $4.90

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Got $5 to spare? Instead of hitting up your favorite fast food joint and feeling guilty later, how about this deal on a backup AMD processor for diagnostic purposes that should be less regrettable? The AMD A6-9500, which usually costs between $47 and $62, has gone on sale for $4.90. You have to be fast though as this is a clearance sale, so supply is limited.

The AMD A6-9500 is a dual-core APU (accelerated processing unit) from AMD's Bristol Ridge lineup, which launched a little over two years ago. The APU ticks with a 3.5 GHz base clock and 3.8 GHz boost clock. It comes with Radeon R5 graphics, which consists of six GPU cores that sport a 1,209 MHz graphics clock.

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The AMD A6-9500 slots into a AM4 CPU socket, which makes it a very convenient processor for those who work with AMD motherboards a lot. In fact, the A6-9500 is the same APU that AMD used for its Boot Kit when the chipmaker was lending them to Raven Ridge adopters to update their existing AM4 motherboards' firmware.

The AMD A6-9500 chip can live in the majority of AMD motherboards, except for the latest X570-based offerings. Other than that you can drop the dual-core part into a X470, B450, X370, B350 or A320 motherboard.

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  • NightHawkRMX
    I might just have to do this.

    edit: sold out
  • NightHawkRMX
    There was also a 1200 for $9 and a320 mobo for $50
    Could get an 8 core threadripper was $50.
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    Did not last long at all.
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    about 5 min
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    Darn, sold out :-(