AMD Launching First GPU With HBM Memory At E3, On June 16

At a press conference about Carrizo here at Computex, Lisa Su from AMD introduced the release date for the company's new graphics cards with high bandwidth memory (HBM). AMD will launch it on June 16 at E3, as many of us have speculated.

The HBM memory implementation is a new method of making a memory subsystem for GPUs, and it succeeds GDDR5. We wrote about it here. Rather than placing a handful of GDDR5 memory ICs around the GPU, HBM stacks memory, and uses an interposer to bring the memory much closer to the GPU, placing it on a substrate on the same logic die. The footprint for the memory system is therefore 95 percent smaller, allowing manufacturers to make much smaller graphics cards with much greater power.

For now, that's all that AMD has officially revealed for the new GPUs. Want to know more? Sit tight until June 16th. We'll be there.

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