AMD First To Market With Certified DisplayPort Graphics Card

Milpitas (CA) - The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced that the Radeon HD 3000 series of graphics cards and AMD-based 780G-based motherboards are the first products to receive DisplayPort certification.

The press release sent to journalists wasn't a big surprise , since AMD is a member of the organization. Dell, by the way, is currently the only company in the business that offers display products that support both DisplayPort and HDMI (3008WFP and 2408WFP LCDs). However, there is a lack of PCs that actually could connect to the DispalyPort interface as well.

In fairness, we have to mention that the certification does not mean that these are the first DisplayPort products on the market. Gainward was the first company to offer such a product with a Nvidia GeForce-based 9600GT (512 MB) graphics card that comes with a DisplayPort/HDMI combination.