Possible Navi 14 GPU Test Submission Hits CompuBench Database

(Image credit: AMD)

Recently, avid PC hardware leaker @KOMACHI_ENSAKA uncovered what appears to be a Navi 14 GPU result on the CompuBench database, under the ID "AMD 7340:C1" that Komachi identifies as a Navi 14 codename used by AMD. The most important things of note from this benchmark result are the card's compute unit (or CU) count and VRAM capacity: 24 CUs and seemingly 4 GB, respectively.

This seems to be the first time we’ve seen Navi 14 in the wild, and some might wonder what exactly Navi 14 is. We don't have all the answers, but it's rumored to be the smaller counterpart of the Navi 10 GPU that powers the Radeon RX 5700 series. Like how the 5700 series basically replaced the RX Vega 56 and 64, it's possible that Navi 14 will replace Polaris, the underlying architecture for GPUs like the RX 580. Though Navi 14 has far fewer CUs than the 580, it's entirely possible it could be much faster; the 5700XT has 24 fewer CUs than the Vega 64 and is significantly faster, for instance.

It is hard to tell how fast Navi 14 could be, however. Navi's CUs are very different from those that power previous architectures (such as Polaris and Vega), to the point where the difference between the 5700 and the 5700 XT in gaming seems to be almost entirely down to clock speed, and not the XT model's four extra CUs. Without knowing anything else about the GPU, 24 CUs tells us little about anything outside of pure compute performance. Clock speed would have told us quite a bit, but sadly, CompuBench didn't report that metric.

The 4 GB of VRAM (likely GDDR6, but that is not confirmed by CompuBench) does give us a clear indication that this is a low-end to mid-range GPU, however, as this is the amount given to most 570s and some 580s which Navi 14 may replace. But, the RX 560 and the GTX 1650, for example, also have 4 GB of VRAM, and those products are quite a bit slower than the 570 and 580.

The most reasonable expectation of having of this Navi 14 GPU is that it will probably be significantly slower than the 5700 series and could perform somewhere in the range of the 560 to the 590. This is a pretty wide range, but given the limited information provided by CompuBench, this is the most you should expect right now. Whether Navi 14 will power the RX 5600 series or something lower is unclear currently.

Matthew Connatser

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