Navi Reloaded: AMD Debuts Radeon Pro W5700X With 40 CUs in Mac Pro

AMD Radeon Pro W5700X

AMD Radeon Pro W5700X (Image credit: AMD)

AMD today announced the Radeon Pro W5700X workstation graphics card that'll be available in Apple's latest Mac Pro, which hit shelves also today. The Radeon Pro W5700X is designed for professional users and content creators. 

Unlike the recently announced Radeon Pro W5700, the Radeon Pro W5700X flaunts the full Navi 10 die. That means it's equipped with 40 Compute Units (CUs), which equals a total of 2,560 Stream Processors (SPs). AMD hasn't listed the graphics card's complete specifications, but the chipmaker said that it delivers up to 9.5 TFLOPs of single-precision (FP32) floating point performance.

AMD calculates the theoretical performance using the boost clock speed value. The calculations work out to the Radeon Pro W5700X running with a maximum boost clock in the range of 1,855 MHz.

AMD Radeon Pro W5700X vs. AMD Radeon Pro W5700 Specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 AMD Radeon Pro W5700XAMD Radeon Pro W5700
Architecture (GPU)RDNA (Navi 10)RDNA (Navi 10)
Shading Units2,5602,304
Double-Precision Performance593.8 GFLOPs555.8 GFLOPs
Single-Precision Performance9.5 TFLOPs8.89 TFLOPs
Texture Units160144
Base Clock Rate?1,243 MHz
Game Clock Rate?1,880 MHz
Boost Clock Rate1,855 MHz1,930 MHz
Memory Capacity16GB GDDR68GB GDDR6
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit
Memory Bandwidth448 GBps448 GBps
L2 Cache4MB4MB
Transistor Count10.3 billion10.3 billion
Die Size251 mm²251 mm²

Besides having the honor of sporting the fully-unlocked Navi 10 silicon, the Radeon Pro W5700X also flaunts a very substantial memory upgrade. The vanilla Radeon Pro W5700 is restricted to 8GB of GDDR6 memory. The new "X" variant rocks up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. 

AMD also didn't detail specify the memory speed but confirmed that the Radeon Pro W5700X offers up to 448 GBps of memory bandwidth. Assuming that the graphics card is still on a 256-bit memory interface, this probably means the memory is operating at 1,750 MHz (14,000 MHz effective) just like the normal Radeon Pro W5700.

It's unknown if the Radeon Pro W5700X will have the same 205W TDP as the non-X version. According to Apple, the Radeon Pro W5700X provides four Thunderbolt 3 ports and one HDMI port for connecting displays.

Apple's new Mac Pro is currently available starting at $5,999. However, configurations for the desktop with either one or two Radeon Pro W5700X graphics cards are currently listed as "coming soon" with no pricing. 

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