Report: Nvidia to Cut Prices in Nov. to Compete with AMD

DigiTimes reported that AMD's announcement of its next-generation Radeon R7 and R9 graphics cards may have prompted Nvidia to consider reducing the prices of its graphics cards in "late November" to better compete.

These price cuts are targeted at the mainstream $149 to $259 bracket. The site also reported that ''according to sources from graphics card players," the company will also be releasing "1-2 GPUs" to better defend the price segment.

While much of this is still speculation, price cuts between competitors is a natural part of the process. In the end, this sort of competition will only benefit the end user.

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  • vern72
    Yay for competition!
  • quilciri
    Assuming they drop the titan down to $650 to compete with the 290x, I'm hoping we'll see 780 pricing around $400.
  • Other Comments
  • Shneiky
    GTX 750 and GT 740 anybody?
  • vern72
    Yay for competition!
  • Anomandaris
    I'm happier about the potential cut to the 760 so I can get a second one ;)