Yeston Releases a Pink and Black Radeon RX 590, And You Can’t Have It

Yeston, a Chinese GPU manufacturer that works with AMD and NVIDIA, is bringing some extra color to builds with a striking hot pink “Game Ace” graphics card. A stand out from your basic black or silver, this Radeon card is sleek with a pink “X” shaped cover and four accompanying (also pink!) LEDs.

Per Videocardz, the Yeston Black and Pink Radeon RX 590 has a three-fan and two-and-half slot cooling system. This system is a bit larger than the circuit board, seen in product shots featuring a slightly offset back plate protecting the PCB.

The card features “6+8-pin power connectors tied to 6+2 phase VRM” and clocks at 1545MHz out of the box. And with Radeon hardware, it most likely won’t totally break the bank. For now, this model doesn’t look like it will be available outside of China for quite a while (if ever). So those in search of a pop of color are out of luck.