Mysterious AMD 'Cato' RX-8125, RX-8120, A9-9820 CPUs Have Surfaced

(Image credit: AMD)

New evidence has emerged suggesting that AMD is on the cusp of launching new CPUs. The AMD RX-8125, RX-8120, and A9-9820 were discovered in the 3DMark database by famous leaker TUM_APISAK.

The RX-8125 and RX-8120 are suspected to be part of a refresh for AMD's Ryzen embedded processors. If that's the case, both chips probably use the existing Zen processor microarchitecture, and like AMD's other current Ryzen offerings, are updates based on GlobalFoundries' 12nm manufacturing process. 3DMark detects the RX-8125 and RX-8120 with the Cato SoC (system on chip) driver name, which could mean that Cato is the codename for these new processors.

(Image credit: TUM_APISAK/Reddit)

Apparently, the RX-8125 and RX-8120 are equipped with eight logical processors and eight cores. In other words, they are octa-core parts without SMT (simultaneous multi-threading), which is the AMD equivalent of Intel's Hyper-Threading. The RX-8120 seemingly comes with a 1,700MHz base clock speed and 1,796MHz boost clock, while the RX-8125 runs with a 2,300MHz base clock and 2,395MHz boost clock. As is customary, the two processors could be engineering samples, so the final operating clocks could vary a bit.

In other news – judging by the model name, the AMD A9-9820 part is presumably an APU (accelerated processing unit). This could be a new addition to AMD's current 7th-generation A9-series products that are designed specifically for laptops. Like the RX-8125 and RX-8120, the A9-9820 seems to sport eight cores and lack SMT technology. It's clocked at 2,300MHz with a boost clock that jumps up to 2,395MHz. The processor appears to feature Radeon RX 350 graphics.

Avnet has already listed the RX-8120 (RE8120FEG84HU) and A9-9820 (RE8125FEG84HU) on the company's website. Given Avnet's reputation for being one of the world's largest providers of embedded solutions, the RX-8125 and RX-8120 are likely embedded processors as we initially speculated. Since Avnet already has 105 units of the A9-9820 in stock, it's safe to assume that AMD will announce the new processors in the not-so-distant future.

Zhiye Liu
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