Arctic Teases Semi-Passive, Near-Silent Threadripper Cooler

In Leipzig, Germany, Arctic presented a prototype for its upcoming Freezer 50 TR heatsink designed for Threadripper CPUs. Being billed as a semi-passive, low-noise cooler with addressable RGB lighting, the all-aluminum construction is absolutely massive and wields a total of eight heatpipes and two radiators.

(Image credit: @Aquatuning)

Arctic hasn't published figures for the coolers' exact weight, dimensions, or fans, but it's likely this is among the largest and heaviest CPU coolers ever made. Arctic also has not disclosed which Threadripper CPUs this cooler can actually cool. However if its two fans are allowed to ramp up enough, it could likely cool even the Threadripper 2990WX. That would, of course, negate the purpose of having a silent workstation, though it would probably still be quieter than most coolers.

(Image credit: @Aquatuning)

Being a prototype, it could be some months before this cooler comes to market. As such, Arctic did not disclose pricing, potential launch dates, or whether or not it will support upcoming Threadripper CPUs (which is likely as long as Threadripper doesn't get a new socket).

AnandTech speculates Arctic's cooler may launch around Computex, which is a likely date for any upcoming tech product, especially AMD's upcoming Ryzen (and perhaps Threadripper) 3000 series CPUs which are to be available this summer.

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