AMD Expands Reach Of Wraith Cooler To FX-8350, FX-6350 CPUs

AMD recently launched its new Wraith cooler, which offers cooler and quieter operation than previous OEM CPU coolers from the company. The Wraith first launched with AMD’s FX 8370 CPU earlier this year. Later, AMD released the A10-7890K, which also included the new and improved CPU cooler. 

AMD has now expanded the list of processors that include a bundled Wraith cooler. The company’s FX-8350 8-core and FX-6350 6-core unlocked processors will start shipping today with the upgraded CPU cooler. We found the Wraith to be a “generally solid CPU cooler.” It keeps the CPU temperatures around the same levels a comparable aftermarket cooler and keeps the noise down to acceptable levels for a stock cooler.

These two FX CPUs promise strong performance in upcoming DX12 titles, with draw call performance that can scale with linear performance gains between two, four and six active CPU cores. AMD said the FX-6350 saw 67% more performance by switching from DX11 to DX12 when paired with and R9 390X, and the FX-8350 showed similar performance gains in the same test. There are more than a dozen DX12 titles coming out this year that should also benefit from similar performance gains.

AMD said its FX processors are also capable of handing the heavy workload of modern VR tasks. HTC recommends the FX-8350 for the Vive, and AMD said an FX-6350 is capable of powering an Oculus Rift, though we have not yet verified those claims ourselves.

AMD’s FX-8350 is available for $169.99, and the FX-6350 is just $129.99.

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  • turkey3_scratch
    Well, can't complain against a better cooler being bundled.
  • maddogfargo
    The 8350 and 6350 already had some of the better stock coolers out there. Just the fans were extremely loud. Going to a larger fan and better airflow direction as well as higher fin count adds a little to the cost, but it is definitely a welcome improvement.
  • Boof
    can we who own the 8350 already buy the coolder alone?