Samsung Cooking Up a 7-inch AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, unlike its Galaxy S phone little brothers, uses an LCD display instead of the company's wonderful Super AMOLED display.

Of course, making one that's 4-inches is quite a different ordeal than making one that's 7-inches. Production cost reasons kept the AMOLED technology out of the Galaxy Tab, but you can bet that a future model down the road will have it.

A good indication of this is that Samsung will display a 7-inch WXVGA (1200x600) resolution OLED screen at an exhibition in Japan running next week.

Production of this panel will start in June 2011 and Samsung plans to sell this panel in the very same year. Not only that, but Samsung will be selling the panel to other companies, so we could see competing tablets running OLED too.

Source: OLED-display

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  • g00fysmiley
    i sence my next phone having this display, here's hioping somebody will release it as a 7 inch phone instead of just a tablet pc :D .. and even better is hp makes it running webos :D
  • scook9
    Why not just make it 1280x720 and therefore 720p.....I consider that a fail on their part personally
  • rbarone69
    Cant wait for OLED to become more mainstream so costs will come down. Also wondering if Apple will ever run OLED in their phones. The contrast is wonderful.

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