Asetek Victor of 2013 Data Center Dynamics EMEA Award for Innovative Liquid Cooling

Asetek, a manufacturer of various water cooling products, has won the 2013 Data Center Dynamics EMEA Award for Innovative Liquid Cooling.

"It is an honor to have our data center liquid cooling innovations recognized in this way," said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. "This award further validates our solutions' ability to address the growing problem of energy efficiency in the data center as made evident in our recent infographic."

One of Asetek's solutions, known as RackCDU, is an innovative solution for cooling data centers. The system allows each rack to have its own liquid flow, and has a heat exchanger to take the heat from the liquid in the rack to the facility's liquid. The facility liquid can then be cooled down externally, or used as space heating in other parts of the building.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • thundervore
    Asetek shouldn't win anything since they silently discontinued the 760GC combo CPU/ GPU cooler from their ebay store and their site. Instead they innovate and update the 760GC with a 240 radiator and make the tubes long enough so users can use it to cool a CPU and GPU or 2 GPUs in SLI, they target data centers :ange:.

    The one thing I know about enterprise tech management is that if its not broken they will not fix it. Most existing data centers will not jump on this band wagon when they have solar panels that do the same thing which adds value all around. Maybe a data that's not constructed will go this route but not those already existing.
  • ak47is1337
    are you drunk? first of all, using a single 120mm radiator to cool a CPU and a GPU is f*cking retarded. 240mm AIO coolers are barely capable of handling a single overclocked 3930k...

    Second, solar panels generate electricity, they don't reuse waste heat or allow denser server configurations. Not everyone even has a suitable place to put solar panels anyway, let alone enough to power an entire datacenter (not to mention the damn things aren't going to power the datacenter AT ALL during the night!)

    In all likelihood, they discontinued that underpowered POS's an underpowered POS.
  • warezme
    They make it sound like it's a major new technology but it's nothing new from the high end PC cooling world. Your welcome server peoples.
  • jasonelmore
    The liquid Cooling art is not new, but what is so ground breaking about this setup is the add in shelf with built in radiators. Being in IT, i can tell you that being able to just drop these in and not have to worry about huge floor reconfigurations, or data center placement is a big plus.

    Recycling the Heat is a bit more complex as data centers will likely have to be built with this system in mind, but i can see where it would be easy to integrate this into hot water tank heaters.