ATI introduces Xpress 1100 chipset for Turion 64 X2 notebooks

ATI today announced the Xpress 1100 chipset, which is specifically targeted at notebooks equipped with the Turion 64 X2 processor. ATI claims that the new chipset consumes less power and 33% more graphics performance than the Xpress 200M series, which is used in single-core Turion 64-based mobile computers.

According to ATI, the Xpress 1100 enables "epic" battery life in notebooks and promises notebook platforms that provide enough juice for lengthy flights, for example from New York to Los Angeles.

Other than Intel, which has built the Centrino platform consisting of Intel products only, AMD banks on component suppliers to offer a variety of platforms to system builders. Next to ATI, Nvidia is also offering a chipset/graphics foundation for the Trion 64 X2 with its C51M series. Wireless connectivity features for the new processor are available from Airgo, Atheros and Broadcom.

While Intel can guarantee the functionality of its "certified" Centrino platform, AMD confirmed that some system builders have complained about compatibility issues with AMD's first Turion 64 platform components. But AMD promises that it has expanded it platform validation process to offer improved platform reliability to system builders.