Heatsink Maker Jumps Into LED Lighting Biz

San Francisco (CA) - Taiwanese heatsink maker, AVC, is jumping into the drop-in LED lighting market with its multiple LED lighting heads. These heads simply screw into a regular socket and provide several hundred lumens worth of lighting for just a few watts of power. At the company’s Intel Developer Forum booth, we saw a 7 LED light that was basically a heat sink with some LEDs embedded inside.

Jeff Brown, AVC’s national sales manager, told us the lights leverage AVC’s heatsink since many LED lights don’t have adequate cooling. The unit we photographed below outputs approximately 720 lumens and uses 9 watts of power.

Brown said the lights are targeted at businesses instead of homes. He pointed up to the convention center ceiling and said workers have to use lifts and other special equipment to change the flourescent lights. Add in union wages and a simple light bulb change can cost hundreds of dollars.

The light we were holding costs about $35 to $40 each and has an estimated life of 50,000 hours.

  • predaking
    Add in union wages and a simple light bulb change can cost hundreds of dollars.
    uggg. hate having to deal with that.
    "can i get that box moved"
    union guy 1 "bob we need this box moved"
    ug2 "frank please move this box"
    ug3 "skippy you are the new guy, move this box"
    skippy "ok boss".

    3 guys watch one guy work.

    I wouldn't mind these lights for my house.
  • skittle
    Im working for Target right now. Target is ALL about cutting costs wherever possible. I think we will see these in retail stores very soon :)
  • I
    Ironically that light doesn't have adequate cooling either for being a 9W light, especially in some kind of enclosure or recessed fixture. The price is fairly good for what it is though at $35-40.