be quiet! FX Coolers and Cases Dial Up the RGB

be quiet! FX Coolers and Cases
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As its name strongly implies, German case, PSU and cooling company be quiet! (henceforth Be Quiet for the sake of editorial sanity) has traditionally been far more focused on silent performance than flashy RGB lights. But as the company rolls into its twentieth year of operation, it seems to be embracing the will of the rainbow light-loving masses with a new FX line, which includes the Pure Base 500 FX case, a trio of Pure Loop 2 FX AIO coolers (in 240, 280 and 360 mm varieties), and a Pure Rock 2 FX air cooler. And to celebrate its anniversary, the company will be offering its latest products at some fairly substantial discounts, while supplies last.

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All of the FX devices are based on existing Be Quiet products, with the addition of the company's 120 mm or 140 mm Light Wings PWM high-speed fans. The fans feature an 18-RGB diffused light ring running around the outside of the blades. True to the company's name, the Light Wings fans are rated at a fairly low 31dB(A) for their maximum speed of 2,500 revolutions per minute. The company also says the fans use rifle bearings with an expected operational lifetime of 60,000 hours (nearly 7 years of constant use), and they ship with a three-year warranty.

Pure Base 500 FX

Be quiet Pure Base 500 FX RGB lights

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By far the biggest of the new FX products is the Pure Base 500 FX, which packs in four Light Wings fans (three 120 mm up front and one 140 mm in the back), in addition to two light strips that run down the front, between two large mesh sections for facilitating airflow. The ATX case also features an RGB and PWM hub to control the lights and fans. Aside from the addition of three RGB fans, the 500 FX is the same case as the Pure Base 500DX, which we reviewed and mostly liked in 2020 (though this model only comes in black). It supports up to a 360 mm radiators, but that's at the front (where you generally don't want it). The top, where there's also a nice magnetic dust filter, supports a 240 mm radiator.

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Pure Loop 2 FX

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The Pure Loop 2 FX AIO cooler lineup is based on the existing Silent Loop 2 line, with Light Wings fans on the radiators and RGB replacing the white LEDs around the cooling plate. In addition, Be Quiet says the pump is now PWM-adjustable, along with the fans. The Pure Loop 2 will be available in 240, 280 and 360 mm varieties for your varying cooling needs.

Pure Rock 2 FX

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Last up, the Pure Rock 2 FX is an air cooler based on the Pure Rock 2, which was one of the best CPU coolers when we tested it in 2020. On this model, the Pure Wings 2 fan is replaced with a 120mm Light Wings PWM fan. And while the previous model was available in bare silver or black, the new Pure Rock 2 FX is only offered in black, just like the FX case. 

The Be Quiet FX lineup isn't the most exciting, given that all the products are existing components that Be Quiet added its Light Wings RGB fans onto. But the company is at least making an effort to sweeten the deal by offering up some enticing pricing. The MSRP of the Pure Base 500 FX ($149), the Pure Rock 2 FX air cooler ($52) and the Pure Loop 2 FX ($129-$154, depending on size) are decent for what you get (although the AIO prices seem a bit high, specifically). Note that European prices are listed as the same in euros as US dollars. 

But as part of a promotion celebrating the company's twentieth year of existence, Be Quiet says you should see a limited supply of the 500 FX for $30 off ($119), the AIO coolers for up to $30 off ($99-$124) and the Pure Rock 2 FX air cooler for $13 off ($39), as long as supplies last, or until early September 2022. 

If you're in the market for a new case or cooler and like a bit of RGB, the Be Quiet FX products are well worth considering–especially at these sale prices. I've had a good experience with the non-RGB Pure Rock 2 cooler in particular, and the case packs a lot of features if you can pick it up for about $120. But remember, the company says the sale will only last until early September or as long as the initial supply lasts. The FX Products will continue to be offered after the anniversary sale ends, but at prices closer to the MSRPs noted earlier.

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  • digitalgriffin
    Nice looking cases, but the fact they use rifle bearings for the fans is disappointing. They tend to be the noisiest of bearings commonly used for fans with the exception of sleeve bearings. And the noise factor grows quickly as they age.
  • Soaptrail
    I have the be quiet! pure wings 2 fans for the last few years, no sound issues so far, I hope it stays that way.