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Best Newegg Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Amazon might be the world's largest retailer today, but if you're shopping for PC hardware, accessories, peripherals or other computer stuff, Newegg is often the better retailer. Newegg not only frequently has better prices than Amazon, but it also has a far higher quality navigable website design that makes it easier to find very-specific components, and user reviews too.

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Like Amazon, Newegg is now in full Cyber Monday tech deals (opens in new tab) mode with sales on everything from SSDs (opens in new tab)to graphics cards (opens in new tab) to prebuilt gaming desktops (opens in new tab) and laptops (opens in new tab). With hundreds of items discounted, it can be hard for shoppers to separate the wheat from the chafe. To help, we're keeping a list of our current favorites below. 

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Acer ED347CKR 34” Gaming Monitor: was $500, now $400 (opens in new tab)
Complete with a crisp 34” curved VA panel, 1440p resolution, and FreeSync this screen is a bargain at this price point.

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Rosewill’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: was $110, now $50 (opens in new tab)
Rosewill’s put some serious effort into equipping this keyboard with all the bells and whistles. With dedicated media controls, (including a massive knob for volume), RGB lighting and “Brown” mechanical switches rated to 50 million clicks, it may be a solid entry point into the mechanical keyboard world. 

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Samsung 27" Curved Monitor: was $199, now $149 (opens in new tab)
This 27" Samsung display is curved with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It features both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. The screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Intel 2TB 660-
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Intel 1TB SSD 660p : was $199, now $98 @ Newegg (opens in new tab)
The 1TB mid-capacity model has dropped as low as $85 on Newegg. If you can find it at that price or below, it’s a good deal.

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WD Blue 1TB 3D NAND Internal SSD: was $129, now $100 (opens in new tab)
This 2.5" internal SSD from Western Digital contains up to 1 TB of storage space. It has read/write speeds of 560/530 MBps. You can get one on Newegg for 31% off.

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OLOy WarHawk RGB 16GB DDR: was $100, now $83 (opens in new tab)
This package features two 8GB sticks of DDR4. This is a great 16GB set up for a dual channel motherboard. The Oloy WarHawk RGB RAM is available on Newegg for $74.

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XPG Spectrix 16GB DDR4: was $109, now $70 (opens in new tab)
This RAM was definitely made with aesthetics in mind. The RFB light strips are extra wide and extra bright. This deal comes with 2 8GB sticks of DDR4 for a total of 16GB. These are 288-pin sticks.

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Corsair RMx 850W PSU: was $149, now $130 (opens in new tab)
The Corsair RMx series 850W PSU is fully modular—you decide what cables are necessary and optimize airflow. You can get this PSU for an additional $10 off the current sale price with promo code 9BLKFPRE5.

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