New Cases, 'ModTime Platform' From BitFenix At Computex 2016

BitFenix brought several new chassis to Computex 2016, and the company also used the show to debut its ModTime platform, which allows modders to auction off their wares.



The first is the Aurora model, which, according to its manufacturer, is inspired by the northern lights, combining elegance with performance.

The Aurora case features smoked glass on either side to better show off your hardware (and your modding skills). The Aurora will also come with an RGB SSD shield that will light up your SSD. (In case you have more than one SSD installed in your system, you will have to choose which will be the lucky one.) This semi-modular ATX case also supports tool-free HDD and SSD installation.

Prodigy Cape

Another new BitFenix product is the Prodigy Cape. This is a rather large chassis that supports up to E-ATX mainboards, along with strong water-cooling solutions. It features glass and aluminum panels, but its main differentiator is its design. This looks to be a great case for a potent gaming system. If you have the required space, you can install it in your living room for multimedia or VR use.

Prodigy Pillow

The Prodigy Pillow features a curved aluminum and see-through top panel, which allows you to gaze at your graphics card. This is a unique design, to be sure, that you will either love or hate. This compact case supports ITX mainboards, AIO water-cooling kits and a full-length graphics card. According to Bitfenix, this is an ideal chassis for a small office or a living room, where space is limited. The Prodigy Pillow comes in windowed and non-windowed top panel versions, in order to suit better your needs (and wallet, of course).


The Trident case offers good airflow that will allow for lower operating temperatures, even under tough conditions. It has an aggressive yet elegant design, and both of its panels feature glass windows, allowing you to showcase your hardware. This is a case for extreme systems with multiple graphics cards installed and advanced water cooling systems.


BitFenix also introduced an open platform for modders that allows them to auction their case mods. Through BitFenix's ModTime, modders are able to auction any modded product, including complete mods and hardware or modded components. To promote this platform, BitFenix will also organize a modding competition and giveaway during Computex. The event page will be available at BitFenix's site starting May 30.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a contributing editor at Tom's Hardware, covering PSUs.

  • Lutfij
    Their probably loosing it by the looks of the nomenclature.
  • kyle382
    finally some fresh ideas. The pillow looks interesting. The skis look a bit unnecessary, but i like the case.
  • haftarun8
    Where is the mATX love? Still waiting for a worthy successor to the TJ08-e, a mATX case from 2011...
  • Haravikk
    While I hate the name, the Pillow is certainly interesting; hopefully not too wide though it's hard to tell with the curved design, but if it's not that much wider than the graphics card then it could be a neat little case, I'm curious whether the frame is removable.

    Doesn't look like any of these cases support top exhaust though, which is a shame as I'd prefer to see more cases focused around it, especially smaller cases that tend to be tucked to a side or under a desk where front to back airflow isn't actually necessarily that good.
  • Mod by San
    The internal frame is a slide out cage from the back of the chassis. so you can install everything and slide it back in. It supports ITX boards with this AIO, 3slot 320mm GPU, 2HDDs 2SSDs, SFX PSU. Very compact but powerful for the size. It's smaller than original Prodigy