CeBIT 2008: A Mix of Laptops from ASUS

ASUS isn't only showing cheap mini-laptops at its CeBIT stand. The Taiwanese company also brought a few full-fledged portables for a variety of uses.

Yellow, sleek and now available as a 12" model - ASUS Lamborghini VX3

With all the buzz about the EeePC and its refresh, it'd be easy to forget about ASUS's other products. The company has some other tricks up its sleeve as well, though, displaying a range of laptops that should offer something for everyone.

Take the high-end "Lamborghini" series, which gains a new member with the VX3 model using a magnesium-aluminium-alloy casing. Leather appliqués, a black and yellow colour scheme and a metallic keyboard make for a very sporty design. The inner values are not being neglected, though, as the VX3 uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a GeForce 9300 GPU from Nvidia. Other features include a Lamborghini mouse and a stylish Lamborghini laptop case to give your portable the stylish appearance it deserves.

Wood you mind? ASUS shows off a prototype of a bamboo laptop

ASUS's prototype of a bamboo laptop is another eye-catcher. Many parts of this portable computer are made of durable bamboo. However, ASUS claims the production costs for such a product are still quite high, which means it will be a while before woodwork computing becomes commonplace.

ASUS C90P - a very speedy desktop replacement laptop

The C90P, on the other hand, is the classic example of a desktop replacement laptop designed for maximum performance. Built around a Core 2 Duo CPU, it also features HDMI support, an HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo drive, an Nvidia MXM graphics module WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.0

Asus auf der CeBIT 2008: Halle 26/Stand D39 und E37

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Thomas Kretschmann