CeBIT 2008: OLED Displays from Samsung

Samsung is introducing a number of OLED displays and since they can do without backlighting, they are extremely thin and impress with excellent colour rendition.

At CeBIT, display manufacturer Samsung is showing OLED TVs with a screen diagonal of 31". One of the first thing that catches your eye, quite literally, is the excellent colour rendition.

Samsung's OLED display has a screen diagonal of 31".

The other advantages of the technology are equally compelling - since OLED displays are based on organic light-emitting diodes, they don't need a backlight and are thus extremely flat, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Their response time is also very low, in the micro-second scale, which gamers will be very appreciative of.

Samsung at CeBIT2008: Hall 26/stand D60

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  • markalex7400
    This Samsung OLED TV is great but what i don't like is the complexity of its remote control. If they can make it simple to manipulate like that of LG OLED TV, then it will be fantastic.