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PowerColor Launches R9 290, 290X, PCS+ and LCS

PowerColor has decided to slap a big air cooler on its overclocked R9 290 and 290X graphics cards, pushing these to GPU clocks of 1040 and 1050 MHz, respectively. Graphics RAM for both cards is clocked at 1350 MHz, for a GDDR5-5400 data rate.

PowerColor has a different solution for buyers who can't live with a mere 1050 MHz GPU clock, or for those who don't wish to vent graphics heat into their cases. The LCS R9-290X is clocked to 1060 MHz, which is nearly 1 percent faster than its already overclocked PCS+ model.

Announced back in December, LCS R9 290X has already arrived at some sellers for 2014 sales. The PCS+ versions will also be available by the end of the month.