Raijintek Thinks Small with Mini Gaming Case

Taiwan-based Raijentek is quickly running towards US distribution with a full line of gaming enclosures, with its newly-designed Metis leading the charge. Made of thick aluminum and anodized in all the classic colors (yellow also available) or white paint, the Mini-ITX Metis is wide enough to fit a full-sized power supply and 160mm-tall CPU cooler.

Raijintek didn't skimp on storage either, fitting the Metis with two 2.5" bays on the bottom and a 3.5"/2.5" tray at the top. Raijintek even provided holes to flip the power supply around, where only its cables could get in the way of a maximum 240mm dual-slot graphics card length.

Preliminarily priced at $70, the Metis is scheduled to reach the US market during the month of July.

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  • mortsmi7
    I really don't care for having the power supply so cramped.
  • balister
    It's a nice looking case, but the problem I see is where are you drawing air into the system to cool it? Unless the window is removable with a proper mesh screen to keep dust from getting into the system, the box is going to get pretty hot for all components.
  • SirKnobsworth
    Is it a reverse air flow design? Maybe air flows in through the back, through the CPU cooler, then through the power supply and out the bottom?