Computex 2017: Highlights From Day 1-Ish

Computex 2017 is here. Manufacturers from around the world have descended on Taipei with new graphics cards, gaming laptops, and basically any other products targeted at the enthusiast PC market. We're scrambling around our not-so-secretly favorite tradeshow to bring you the latest updates, and just like we did for CES 2017, we plan to gather that smorgasbord of news into easily digested recaps so you don't feel too stuffed.

Intel Announces X-Series CPUs

CES 2017 was all about Intel's 7th Generation (Kaby Lake) processors. In the time since, however, AMD has introduced a bunch of Ryzen CPUs to cover everything from the budget-minded gamer to the core-hungry enthusiasts who will doubtless find some way to put the new ThreadRipper processor's 16 cores to good use. Intel decided to retake the headlines at Computex 2017 with the announcement of new X-Series products.

Storage, Graphics, And More, Oh My

Intel's latest-and-greatest CPUs aren't the only parts you're going to want to pop into your rig. Computex is a wonderful place where seemingly every booth you visit and meeting you take will have you reaching for your wallet.

Well, kind of. Many products aren't yet available, don't have release dates, or aren't novel enough to warrant coverage. But the exciting stuff is really exciting and closer to release than many of the wares hawked at CES. We're particularly enthused to see what kind of storage-related announcements are made over the next week.

These are some of the most interesting gizmos and gadgets we've seen so far:

Gaming Laptops And All-In-Ones Get Boosts

Not all gamers want to be shackled to their desks or pushed to build their own PCs to get decent performance. Asus, Dell, and several other companies gathered at Computex 2017 have embraced this truth by announcing beefier gaming laptops and all-in-one systems. Many of these products have the competing goals of being more powerful--several are ready for VR--while also fitting into ever-smaller packages.

Here are some of the highlights:

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