Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K CPUs Benchmarked

Raptor Lake
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Intel's 14th Generation Raptor Lake Refresh processors will definitely fight for a spot on the list of best CPUs. It shouldn't be long before Intel unleashes its new chips as benchmarks of the Core i9-14900K and Core i7-14700K have started to emerge.

The Core i9-14900K is a 24-core processor with 32 threads, containing eight P-cores and 16 E-cores. It serves as the direct replacement for Intel's Core i9-13900K, the current flagship of the 13th Generation Raptor Lake lineup. On the other hand, there's the Core i7-14700K, which will succeed the Core i7-13700K. However, the Core i7-14700K has a minor upgrade in its core configuration. Whereas the Core i7-13700K features eight P-cores and eight E-cores, the Core i7-14700K sports four additional E-cores.

Being a refresh, the Core i9-14900K and Core i7-14700K will logically have higher clock speeds than their Raptor Lake counterparts. It's a shame that the Crossmark benchmark doesn't show the processors' clock speeds. If the early rumors are legit, the Core i9-14900K may have a 6-GHz boost clock, 200 MHz higher than the current Core i9-13900K but on the same level as the Core i9-13900KS.

As with any preliminary benchmarks, we recommend you throw some salt over the results. According to Crossmark, the Raptor Lake Refresh processors were inside test systems with 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory, which is an intriguing choice since Intel's new platform seemingly supports DDR5-6400 out of the gate. Both systems also had the GeForce RTX 4090 as their discrete graphics card.

Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K Benchmarks

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Core i9-14900K2,2652,1672,5331,855
Core i7-14700K1,9801,8812,2681,542

Overall, the Core i9-14900K was up to 14% faster than the Core i7-14700K. If we look at the individual results, the former had 15%, 12%, and 20% higher productivity, creativity, and responsiveness scores. Unfortunately, that's the extent of the comparison because the Core i9-14900K and Core i7-14700K results were significantly lower than their existing counterparts. Since the results aren't accurate, comparing the chips to its AMD Ryzen rivals doesn't make sense.

It's possible that the tested chips were ES (engineering sample) or QS (qualification sample) silicon with lower clock speeds. One of the tested chips was inside an Acer PC, suggesting that it's an OEM system, which we know nothing about, for example, the power configuration or cooling.

At any rate, we shouldn't get our hopes up for Raptor Lake Refresh, bringing a considerable performance improvement. As per alleged Intel performance projections, the new hybrid chips may only be between 1% to 3% faster than Raptor Lake. Remember that this is a refresh and probably the last breath of air for Intel's LGA1700 platform.

Raptor Lake Refresh rumors point to an October release. However, the announcement may come sooner. Intel has scheduled its Intel Innovation 2023 event for September 19 to 20; therefore, we could see a Raptor Lake Refresh unveiling. Intel did confirm that it'll talk about Meteor Lake at the event, so that's something to look forward to.

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  • oofdragon
    Intel looks desperate by naming these 14th gen
  • Greg7579
    I'm delaying my build from this summer and waiting for this 14900K Raptor Lake Refresh.
    Why not? It might be a little better. I can't wait for Arrow Lake to build (over a year away at least) and Meteor Lake is mobile only.
  • bit_user
    I'm getting deja vu from Haswell Refresh. It seems like the decision came very late to cancel the Meteor Lake-S launch. I hope they at least fixed some of Raptor Lake's eratta.
  • flagrantvagrant
    At only 20% higher TVB3 power consumption! Time to start making those 280x280 AIOs driven by outdoor water feature fountain pumps as I've codgered about before Corsair, Arctic, etc etc my water cooling friends! Dissipating 400 watts for max continuous TVB3 is, like the moon, gonna be a harsh mistress!
  • cirdecus
    Why even have a 'refresh'? This is why Intel is ridiculous. And whoever said they were waiting until this fall to buy one is crazy as the 13900k will drop in price.

    I'd rather just own a 7800x3d
  • thestryker
    An awful lot of people don't seem to grasp the concept that Intel needs products for OEMs. They do yearly releases so OEMs can sell "new" and/or "latest" that are "faster" than the predecessors even if it's single digit differences.

    The only 14th gen desktop part that anyone should ever have had an interest in is the 14700 as it's the one with a new core configuration so it'd be better for multithreaded than 13700 and ought to be cheaper than the 13900/14900.
  • TerryLaze
    flagrantvagrant said:
    At only 20% higher TVB3 power consumption! Time to start making those 280x280 AIOs driven by outdoor water feature fountain pumps as I've codgered about before Corsair, Arctic, etc etc my water cooling friends! Dissipating 400 watts for max continuous TVB3 is, like the moon, gonna be a harsh mistress!
    There is Thermal Velocity Boost and there is Turbo Boost Max 3.0 they are not one thing.
    Also if their CPUs could suddenly handle 20% more power it would be a miracle of engineering and would result in their FABs to be declared as GOD level.
    There are other FABs that make CPUs that melt and/or blow up at ~250W and need water cooling even for below 230W.
  • btmedic04
    would it really have hurt intel to just call these 13950k, 13750k and 13650k, because the lack of a comparison to the prior generation is telling
  • ilukey77
    Intel is in trouble and BIG trouble ive been saying this for months now the 14th is just 11th all over again ..

    Im not sure on there thinking over there at intel was it a cheap arse way to say HEY WE HAVE A LONGER LIFE SPAN SOCKET TOO ??
    yet we all know 15th with be a new socket WTF??

    Is it a lame attempt to leap frog AMD over the x3d parts ??

    If so ZEN 5 with drop and beat 14th then depending on release windows 15th and maybe 8000x3d or we go back to 9000series against 15th then beaten by 9000x3d again maybe all on the AM5 platform !!

    Im really confused to what they are doing smarter option would be to forget 14th and move straight to 15th new platform ( obviously name it 14th ) and use it as a real challenge to 8000 series and hang on to the socket life for the 14th 15th 16th 17th !!

    AMD beaten at their own game at that point !!
  • rluker5
    I'm also getting deja vu from Devil's Canyon. But it would really be something if the Raptor refresh added 500mhz. And I have Raptor and Haswell running in the house.
    I do expect the refresh to at least be able to handle +200mhz at the same power or use significantly less power for the same speed though. Just like if the node optimizations acted like heavy binning.

    I just don't get why all of this complaining of a refresh is going on when there is no complaining that AMD doesn't even do that much in their off year for their desktop chips.

    Raptor was a big improvement over Alder. Bigger than anything from the Skylake arch era. And next year will be disaggregated. One year for a refresh is not bad.