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Corsair's Graphite 380T: No-Compromise Mini-ITX Case

Editor's Note: While Computex took place last week and all of the news announcements are behind us, we're still sorting through hundreds of in-person meetings and demonstrations, picking out just a few more of the most interesting items we saw up close.

Among the vast number of new products that Corsair had on display at Computex 2014, we found a very cute little enclosure: the Graphite series 380T. Upon first sight we almost mistook the cases for lunchboxes, but upon closer inspection we found high-end gaming systems inside. Yummy!

The Graphite series 380T is a Mini-ITX case built to be able to house and cool high-end gaming hardware, and it is shaped to be very portable, with a handle built into the main frame of the enclosure. This handle is particularly impressive, and is one of the first that we've actually felt we could trust. For other implementations we often find ourselves still grasping the case at the bottom.

Internally, the layout of the case resembles that of the Obsidian series 250D. In the bottom half of the case, you can place your hard drives and PSU, while the top half of the case houses the motherboard horizontally, with room for a long graphics card of up to 290 mm on one side, and a 240 mm water cooling radiator on the other. Up front, users can mount up to a 140 mm fan; when lit (LED), it makes the case look a little less like a lunchbox.

The side panels of the case also come off easily, so quickly diving in to make adjustments or simply assembling the system shouldn't be much of a pain at all.

This is a good case worth looking at, so keep an eye out for it when it hits the streets. The case is expected to ship in August and will have an MSRP of $129.99.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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