Corsair MP510 960GB Wants To Replace Your Hard Drive for $120

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With a price tag that's less than $120, the Corsair Force MP510 960GB SSD is a very strong temptation. The drive has the capacity and lightning-fast speeds to keep any computer owner happy for a very long time.

The Corsair Force MP510 is an M.2 2280 SSD that's made from a simple, black PCB devoid of any eye candy elements. But like the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The MP510 combines Phison’s PS5012-E12 controller with Toshiba’s BiCS3 256Gb 64-layer 3D TLC (triple-level cell) flash chips to deliver sequential read and write speeds up to 3,480 MB/s and 3,000 MB/s, respectively. Random performance is rated for 610,000 IOPS reads and 570,000 IOPS writes.

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ProductCapacitySequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WritePrice (at time of writing)Price Per GB
Corsair Force MP510 1920GB1920GB3480 MB/s2700 MB/s485,000 IOPS530,000 IOPS$299.99$0.16
Corsair Force MP510 960GB960GB3480 MB/s3000 MB/s610,000 IOPS570,000 IOPS$119.99$0.13
Corsair Force MP510 480GB480GB3480 MB/s2000 MB/s360,000 IOPS440,000 IOPS$76.98$0.16
Corsair Force MP510 240GB240GB3100 MB/s1050 MB/s180,000 IOPS240,000 IOPS$49.99$0.21

Like any high-end M.2 NVMe SSD, the MP510 communicates with your system through a standard PCIe 3.0 x4 interface so you'll want to make sure your M.2 port complies with the specifications to get the best out of the SSD. The drive is rated with an endurance of 1,700 TBW (terabytes written). Corsair backs the MP510 with a considerable limited five-year warranty. At the current pricing, the 960GB model offers you the best bang for your buck at only 13 cents per gigabyte of high-speed storage for your data.

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