Corsair Adds Tempered Glass To Its Carbide Series SPEC-04 Case

Corsair launched a tempered glass version of its Carbide Series SPEC-04 line of mid-tower gaming chassis. 

The Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-04 Tempered Glass chassis is a budget friendly gaming case that features a full-cover tempered glass side panel. This case measures 492 x 201 x 433mm (L x W x D) and weighs in at just under 12lbs. Unlike the original Carbide SPEC-04 cases, this new tempered glass version is only available in black with red trim.

This mid-tower chassis supports up to ATX motherboards, CPU coolers as tall as 150mm, graphics cards as long as 370mm, and standard ATX power supplies up to 225mm in length. This chassis has mounting locations for two 120 or 140mm fans in the front, two 120mm fans in the front, and a single 120mm fan in the rear. Radiators and all-in-one coolers up to 240mm can be installed in the front and top of the case.

There are mounting locations for three 3.5” and two 2.5” hard drives. I/O options include a single USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0, and HD audio jacks on the top panel of the case. The side panels are held in place by metal thumbscrews and are completely tool-less.

The Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 Tempered Glass is available now with a $60 MSRP.

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ProductCorsair Carbide SPEC-04 Tempered Glass
Dimensions (L x W x H)492 x 201 x 433mm
Motherboard SupportATX, mATX, Mini-ITX
Drive Bays3.5” x 32.5” x 2
Expansion Slots7
Fan SupportFront: 120mm x 2 or 140mm x 2Top: 120mm x 2Rear:  120mm
Radiator SupportFront: 240mmTop: 240mmRear 120mm
CPU Cooler150mm
GPU Length370mm
PSU Length225mm
I/O-USB 3.0-USB 2.0-Headphone jack-Microphone jack-Power and reset buttons
Warranty2 Years
  • Th3pwn3r
    That case is just like me, really ugly but gets the job done.
  • samer.forums
    corsair latest case designs are super ugly. I dont know what happened to them.

  • gjbaker003
    I don't see "GAMING" on it or in the name anywhere. Oh wait - it's a Corsair case, not an Alienware.

    Corsair, your case. Woof!
  • TheSpiral01
    Tempered glass = purchase more glass upon accidental first drop.
  • Immitem
    These cases make me super nervous and I just generally do not like the look of them.

    With the direction that cases are taking these days I feel more and more validated in my own selection.
  • Darkbreeze
    You know, the tempered glass these days I get. It's a lot more scratch and heat resistant than the Lexan or plexi-glass, whatever, that has been traditionally used, and I'm cool with that. The other stuff gets scratches if you even look at it wrong. I'm meticulous about being careful with my side panels and both sides still have some minor scratches on them. I'll trade that for something that is, if not impervious to scratches, at least a lot more resistant.

    So I'm ok with any case maker using tempered glass, and even paying a premium for it.

    But the front of these Corsair (And a bunch of other manufacturers) just seems like they are trying to be exactly what we've made fun of Raidmax, Rosewill, Aerocool and DIY-pc for doing with the fronts (And tops) of their cases for a long time now. I realize that there are widely different opinions on just about anything you care to ask about, but to me, these are just ugly as can be and I'd much rather have a plain front panel if necessary, for me or a client, than have to look at that every day. I'm sorry Corsair (Well, not really) but to me that's a big fat NO.