Corsair Gaming Mice, Keyboards Now Work With Xbox One

(Image credit: Corsair)

Everyone has their input method of choice. Yes, some PC gamers like to use a controller, while some console owners actually prefer a keyboard and mouse. Microsoft appealed to the latter group in September by announcing expanded peripheral support for its Xbox consoles. And today, Corsair capitalized on that expanded support by revealing several keyboards and mice just waiting to be plugged into your Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

Previews of the expanded peripheral support were made available to members of the Xbox Insider Program a few weeks after Microsoft made its announcement. The company also disclosed a partnership with Razer to make sure its peripherals have the Xbox seal of approval. Now Corsair is partnering up with Microsoft to sell Xbox-compatible gear.

Corsair also said that its partnership with Microsoft will aid the company's Mixer streaming platform. The peripheral maker bought a capture card company named Elgato in June, and now it's saying that "Mixer broadcasters will be empowered to improve their streams through integration with the powerful and versatile Elgato Stream Deck, along with other exciting initiatives currently in development."

Which Xbox Games Support Corsair Peripherals?

Corsair's announcement doesn't mean that every Corsair product will work with every Xbox One game. Developers have to decide if their offerings will support keyboard and mouse input. Microsoft has already made Fortnite, Warframe and Minecraft compatible. Corsair said Microsoft has "many more games planned for future compatibility."

The big question now is how that will affect game balancing for console players. Keyboard and mouse are inherently more accurate than controllers, even with the help of aim assist, so people who set up the alternative input methods can have an unfair advantage. Corsair said that "Microsoft is focused on working with developers to ensure that these games are fun, fair and properly balanced no matter how players decide to control them."

However, we suspect things will vary based on title. For example, Epic Games has decided to make Fortnite players enter lobbies based on their input method, rather than whichever platform they're playing on.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • TechyInAZ
    This is gona make console multiplayer very interesting lol.
  • jimmysmitty
    21483249 said:
    This is gona make console multiplayer very interesting lol.

    One issue I see is a lot of these games have built in autoaim and smoothing for controls Will these be removed or optional is a big question.
  • cbarro79423
    Will any keyboard and mouse wotk
  • KM4479
    Will Corsair keyboards and mice work with Linux out of the box?
  • Fait
    Console players are gonna be so butt hurt now that us PC loyalists will be kicking their tail all over the place.